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    OBS Browser Source(bad quality)

    Hi, I wonder if anyone can help me? I have been streaming my PS4 to my Facebook. I have done this by streaming to Twitch and then using the "Browser Source" feature on OBS. The stream is nice and smooth with good quality when viewing direct on twitch. When viewing through the OBS programme and...
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    Question / Help Obs Lag But game is smooth?

    When recording or streaming I get low FPS in OBS but in game I get high and very smooth FPS. I run the 264 encoder on very fast. I’ve hear using the NVENC is better but not convinced, any tips?
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    Question / Help Where are the personal settings located?

    I was thinking of backing up everything related to OBS Studio on a flash drive as I don't want to lose any personal setups in case of a hard drive failure; so that I can just copy-paste everything back into a new install and have my old scenes and everything as originally setup at startup. In...
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    Question / Help Need help with Facebook live streaming !!!

    I’ve been searching for hours on how to fix this can somebody help? I’m on my laptop with windows 10 trying to stream my Xbox app to Facebook live but every time I try it says video signal lost or if I start it , for other people it says broadcast interrupted I’m guessing it’s because of some...
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    Question / Help Please help a scrub out.

    (Before you continue keep in mind I know basically NOTHING tech wise) Hello and thank you so much for taking time to look at my post. So I've been streaming/recording videos with my Elgato and I've been using the software it comes with, with like no complaints. But I've been trying to switch to...
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    Question / Help Games crashes when i add "game capture"

    Hello everyone, I post a message here because i have a problem with obs on my computer. Three days ago, i was streaming geometry dash with obs without any problem, but today, when i launch my game, it is crashing. But it happen only when i add "game capture" in obs, even when the live is not...
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    Question / Help [Recording] OBS dropping frames when bitrate is <30000

    I record in 1440p 60 fps, in 30000 bitrate. If I reduce the bitrate, the recording will go to something like 30 fps. It still says the video is 60 fps if you look at the stats, but it is much less than that. The recordings are getting too large of a file size to be played in 1440p on youtube...
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    Question / Help Whats everyone's method of recording or favorite file format to use?

    Hey guys wasn't sure if this was the best section of the forum to post this in, but i was curious what everyone uses as a recording file format. I've been using mkv lately because people said this format doesnt go corrupt when a crash happens. I hate remuxing recordings but ill do it to save...
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    Question / Help Streamlabs OBS super choppy

    Hi! I'm kinda new to the whole OBS thing, and I've read through so many guides but my stream still lags and even refreshed and has to reload! Someone please help, like, what settings should I use? Current log:
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    Question / Help Settings for local 4k recording (bitrate,encoder, etc)

    I just downloaded OBS and want to record my 4k monitor, what settings would you reccomend? I won´t be doind any streaming. The bitrate should be high enough to record fast gameplay, but not make the file to big. Do i use the x264 or nvenvc h.264? I have a good GPU and CPU Thanks
  11. Wheels.

    Question / Help [FIXED] (see my lower comment) Previously good settings are now choppy for streaming and recording

    As the title states, these settings that I have been using for a while with no issues suddenly produce choppy streaming and recording. I will spare you the details of my hardware, since they will be included in my log, but I will state that the hardware is inside of an Alienware 17 laptop...
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    Question / Help Need advice on settings/ what I can purchase

    First and foremost, Thanks to anyone who offers me any assistance, I am usually good with settings and different things, but lately I've been outright confused. My PC is pretty powerful. I have a GTX 1080ti, intel i7 8700k, 32 GB of Ram, and a few SSDs. Whats confuses me is why when I try to...
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    Question / Help OBS not getting 60 fps (drops to like 15 but doesn't say it's dropping frames)

    Yes, my OBS is completely broken. Whenever I stream/record any game that isn't Minecraft, my OBS says that the FPS is just dropping down a lot. It used to drop immediately when I open OBS and not even stream/record until I factory reset my PC. After I factory reset my PC, everything was working...
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    Question / Help Optimal Settings?

    I have 4gb Ram, i5 8250U Overclocked 3.0GHz, intel uhd 620 I've got 22.9 Mbps and 8.91 upload speed I'm currently using: bitrate: 2500 hardware encoding preset = speed 720p@30ps Downscale is lanczos (I can also use quicksync) When I stream using those settings, games like dont starve...
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    Question / Help Optimal NVENC settings for Recording Stream to Archive Localy

    Hi, I am using workstation with following configuration: CPU: Intel Xeon E3-1245 v5 Quad Core (3.50GHz / 3.90GHz) RAM: 16GB DDR4 Video: Nvidia Quadro M620 2GB Dedicated Ram. The video that is being streamed using browser is Full HD 1920x1080, 29.97 FPS, 5-6Mbps or sometimes 9Mbps. I would...
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    Question / Help Input lag whenever obs is started

    Ok so I've looked everywhere for a solution for this problem and nothing has worked. I'll keep it short and sweet here. Whenever I open up obs, doesn't matter if I'm streaming or not, I always have input delay in my games. My stream also tends to look like hot garbage with a ton of stuttering...
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    Question / Help Having a really good computer but the stream is still laggy

    Hey guys, Down below I have my specs and my internet speed. I can't seem to figure out how to set the setttings so the stream won't be laggy.. and it would be actually watchable and not laggy. Configure my settings? Please help, TheFallenGalaxy
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    Question / Help Setting for local recordings

    What are the best setting for my current gear to record videos to disk I5 - 7400 3.00ghz 8GB Ram GTX 1050 Ti phoenix I want to record Rainbow six siege any sugestions? Is Nvench 264 good option for encoding?
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    Question / Help Is my PC shitty or am I doing something wrong?

    Hey guys, I really want to record games. However, even after looking for many tutorials, I haven't found the solution to my problem: The game is running fine, but the actual recording has stutters, even when going down with the bitrate. I'm using a i7-4790s. Output: NVENC H.264 , 20000 kbits/s...
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    Question / Help Stream Looks better then recording

    I typically stream in 720p60 with a bit rate of 5000 to twitch, however I have streamed 1080p60 and it works fine. When I try to record videos with OBS though, I end up with a very low quality product that lags and is very pixelated. The bitrate I use for videos and have tested was about 30000...