1. P

    Solution for Logitech C920 loosing configuration settings - CamProps by Roland Weigelt

    I just got myself Logitech C920 and on first use in OBS I noticed that camera settings are frequently reset. These are some cases when configuration is lost: - restarting computer - pulling camera out of USB - restart OBS - let camera turned off by OBS when not in use and then not using it -...
  2. A

    Micro freezes with my C920 webcam

    Hello everyone. I recently bought a Logitech C920, and I have some micro freezes with it, but only when i'm trying to put a custom reslution/fps etc.. and I don't want my webcam to be at 4:3 ratio. They're not that annoying for the people who are looking at me while streaming, but they are...
  3. GMProxy

    C920 looks blurry and unfocused when pointing at my working station

    Hi. I've been with this problems since february. To give some context, laptop working with two c920s, one pointed at my face which looks extremely well, and the other pointed to my working station which looks garbage in comparision (images down below, one with autoexposure, and the other with...
  4. kajtielplu

    No H264 option in OBS

    My Logitech C920 (serial number: 8E6EF41F) is set to YUYV 4:2:2 by default. With YUYV, I am unable to use HD video dimensions and also have an FPS higher than 10. Using the following command, I can set it to use H264. v4l2-ctl -d 1 --set-fmt-video=pixelformat=H264 However, when I open OBS, the...
  5. C

    Question / Help Chaturbate cam sittings

    Hello im a chaturbate cam model and im trying the best cam sittings but it always blurry can any one help ? i have good internet and i use C920
  6. B

    Question / Help Pixely/Blocky c920 Footage in High Motion Sections of Stream

    First and foremost, thank you to anyone who can offer assistance. Problem: While streaming, my c920 camera gets super pixely/blocky in high motion moments. The game Path of Exile, aRPG, looks fine, just seems to be camera quality. My rig isn't anything amazing, and I'm in a position to...
  7. V

    Question / Help OBS forces C920 to 4:3

    Hello, i have been having this problem that obs seems to be forceing my webcam, the c920 into a 4:3 aspect ratio. I have tried a lot of the responses to people on other threads with this issue. Many say to just go to custom and set the res you want but when I do that my webcam always just...
  8. A

    Question / Help C920 4:3 stream problems. No resolution option for 4:3 scale.

    I have some issues with c920 cam and obs. First:there is no logitech cam controller for c920. There is one on appstore but it is not shown when add video device and choose the camera. Second: Due to the firts problem I cannot choose a resolution in 4:3. Only can use presets and they have all...
  9. S

    Question / Help Low fps c920 Ubuntu 18.04

    Hi, i've just setup my obs but for some reason my C920 can't do 720p 30fps, anything above 800x448 dosn't have the 30fps option, when you start to go over with the resolution the fps gets lower, 1080p shows 5fps, i'm using the YV12 and tested with and without the buffering checked, both show no...
  10. G

    Question / Help win 10, obs, logitech all updated BUT no Cam in OBS

    I have the logitech webcam c920 hd and its software, which produces video in the logi app, BUT NOT in OBS, not for lack of clicking in the add source... ;[ everything is FULLY updated... Help! gh426