Question / Help OBS - Audio sounds base / treble boosted - logitech issue ?


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Ever since I formatted and installed win10 onto my pc, the audio got worse on OBS than it did on win7.
Whilist testing between my Logitech G930 headset and speakers while recording, the audio seemed bit more"muffled"or bass/treble boosted when i was recording game audio through the headset. Also tried disabling and enabled Surround sound.

Have anyone experienced or seen this issue before ?



You got a G930 wireless headset w/mic and Blue Yeti mic
07:04:00.205: WASAPI: Device 'Speakers (Logitech G930 Gaming Headset)' initialized
07:04:00.771: WASAPI: Device 'Microphone (BLUE Yeti PRO)' initialized

I suppose somewhere at the physical audio device, device driver, obs studio mixer, or application level you have a problem. What I do is baseline everything to be controlled at the physical audio device level.

At the top of my head....
Go to Windows Sound Control Panel
Set the default audio playback device to be your Logitech Headset.
Set the default audio recording device to be your Blue Yeti mic.
Adjust the volume levels for both devices in the Levels tab to be 99 or 100. You should never have to touch these again.
Don't use the mic on the G930. Use the Yeti. Move the boom arm up on the G930 mic to mute.

Adjust your headphone volume level to be comfortable listening level by pressing the volume up and down on the headphones
Adjust your Yeti mic by turning the gain/volume knob to a comfortable level suitable for your listeners

Notice, that the device drivers are set at the highest setting and that you control the physical listening audio volume levels on the hardware itself. This way, you override via the physical device and don't mess around on the software side messing things up. Those levels are what OBS and all your applications will treat as 0Db.

Go into OBS Studio Audio category
Set the Mic/Auxiliary to Default. This will correlate with the default audio recording device, your Yeti
Set the Desktop audio to Default. This will correlate with the default audio playback device, your G930 wireless headset

By doing this, you will never have to screw with audio in OBS again for choosing the device. Whatever is the default at the driver level will be the default in OBS.

Your volume level is going to be what you hear and its the same as what the stream listeners will hear. So set wisely.

Did this fix the problem?


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I've checked over the settings that you recommended me to do.
The audio level is fine, but still having issue of where the audio is "trebel/bass" boosted.
As soon as i change the settings over to speakers, the boost dissapears. But pops up again as im using the headset.

Im curious if the logitech virtual surround is messing with the game audio for obs ?