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Hey! I have a very annoying problem...
The quality of my camera is... well, bad. Especially when I'm moving in game(APEX).I know this question has been asked before, but none of the advice helped, so... I stream on YouTube, and I found this video where he suggests that if you set your stream key to 1440 and set your obs to 20000 kbs (!?!?!?) it will make it look good and crispy cause of the VP9 codec. I tried that and it's better, but still looks shitty... Not even close to DrDisrespect's or DrLupo's. I tried tweaking my bitrate and found that it looks best at 13000 kbs (why?) but still, not good enough (terrible when moving). Is there anything else I can do?
My PC:
Core i9 9900
64gb RAM

Internet - wired. Speed - 92-94mbs

Here are the logs:
1440 RTMP 20000 kbs 60fps


1440 RTMP 13000 kbs 60fps


Also speed test: download and upload