1. A

    Pixel/Blur when recording... need help !

    Hello everybody ! I have been looking for a solution with other forum and youtube video. But nothing worked so Im now asking for help. When i record i have pixel/blur : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1U2HQkBFy8zDxPIqbqyCrPE3gKp1emAWI/view?usp=sharing We can see it the most around letter on the...
  2. N

    I can't for the life of me figure out why my stream is still blurry

    Like seriously I'm: - Streaming at an output of 20,000/kbs - The resolution matches my monitor at 1920x1080 - Using less than 1% of my CPU - 60 fps, not dropping even a single frame - I've tried using the x264, AMD HW H.264 (AVC), and AMD HW H.265 (HEVC) encoders - Rate control CBR - Preset to...
  3. B

    Streaming Settings/Help

    OKAY QUESTION I LITERALLY HAVE 800-900 upload Speed.. But i cant stream Without it looking Blurry on Youtube.. What are the best Settings and What Resolution and Bitrate do i set it at With my Internet? Anyone please help i been Struggling for a while. Please and thank you
  4. berriescups

    display keeps getting laggy

    when im playing a game through my computer it runs smoothly, but once i go back to the recording it gets laggy or sometimes frames are dropped. i never had this issue. Before it would run smoothly and then out of a sudden it happened. Im not sure what to do but also in-game when i move quickly...
  5. B

    Pixelated streaming

    PC: -i5 12600k -Amd rx6800xt -16gb 3600mhz cl16 Connection: -Download: 950Mbps -Upload: 97Mbps OBS setting: -Server: Germany, Frankfurt(6) -Encoder: AMD HW H.264(AVC) -Rate Control: CBR -Bitrate: 8000Kbps -Keyframe: 2 -Preset: Quality -Proile: High -B-frames: 2 -Canvas: 2560x1440 -Output: 720p...
  6. B


    Hi, I just assembled my new computer I tried to make streams but it doesn't show well when I move. I've tried enabling network optimization but nothing changes. PC SPEC: i5 12600k RX6800xt 16gb 3600mhz cl16 OBS SETTING: Encoder: AMD HW H.264(AVC) Rate Control: CBR Bitrate: 6000Kbps KeyFrames...
  7. Y


    I have watched a lot of tutorials,and I still cannot see a person explaining how can we get the settings to stream and download the stream and still look like this,I want to know everything bitrate off the stream,if a legato card is better,export settings for premier pro literally everything I’m...
  8. S

    Blurry screen 1080p

    Hello, I'm streaming content from an HDMI USB Capture Card to my computer so I can watch and talk at the same time. The only problem I have is that it looks a little bit blurry/sharp/pixelated ? It's all set to 1080p and already made a bunch of settings what can I do to stop having that ...
  9. K

    How to properly configure OBS and remove the problems mentioned below?

    Hello, I have a very powerful computer (for reference), the OBS settings are as follows: https://imgur.com/a/mX1XcUZ . Why is the picture pixelated when moving in the game? In the state of a static image, this defect is absent. The bitrate is 7k, I do streams on twitch, I run from the admin, the...
  10. B

    Blurry stream with good computer and good internet

    Hi All, I've been having issue with my streams since I started streaming casually. All my streams are blurry/pixelated and just not sharp enough. I'm hoping someone might be able to help me fix any issues I might have caused so my stream can look clearer/sharper. My hardware is: CPU: AMD...
  11. J

    Pixelated/Color Smear while moving in game

    Yesterday during my stream i noticed people commenting on it being pixelated or blotchy at times but obs didnt have any errors on it so i said it might be on their side. today i went back to look at my vod and saw what they were talking about when i ran in game the quality quickly went pixelated...
  12. allan.kg

    Okay, I need help :/ ... amdgpu-pro pixelation

    I'm having this problem : (pixelated, unreadable) The XSHM method works well, but the problem is that I don't want to capture the entire screen. If there was a way of capturing only a window by the XSHM method it would be awesome. But I really can't use it as it is (full screen), there are...
  13. A

    Why am I getting red Pixels while recording with Obs and capture Card?

    Hey everyone I often get these red pixels like shown in the picture while recording… I have a dual Pc setup and I’m recording from my second Pc with the Elgato 4k60 Pro… I really don’t have an idea where this comes and couldn’t find a way to fix it yet… I‘m recording via Gpu (Gtx1650). (The...
  14. T

    Terrible camera quality when moving. Unrecognizable pixelated face.

    Hey! I have a very annoying problem... The quality of my camera is... well, bad. Especially when I'm moving in game(APEX).I know this question has been asked before, but none of the advice helped, so... I stream on YouTube, and I found this video where he suggests that if you set your stream...
  15. D

    Stream is pixelated

    Hello I stream to Youtube through OBS. My stream looks very pixelated. Resolution is base - 1920*1080 output - 1280*720 Bitrate - 4500 kbps Downscale filter - Bicubid (16 samples) FPS - 60 NVIDIA NVENC H.264 (NEW) Encoder Rate Control - CBR Keyframe interval - 2 Preset -...
  16. M

    Video after remux to mp4 pixelated..please help me

    Hello, at first sorry for my bad english. If I remux my MKV video to mp4 the video gets pixelated. Not the hole screen but some points. Above all if the picture is moving. It only happen when I use the Quicksync H.264 Encoder. If I use the x264 the remux work fine and the picture is good. But...
  17. B

    Issue with grainy/pixelated livestream even with high bitrate and settings

    Hello people, I just started streaming, and even after following set-up guides for OBS, I'm having issues with my livestreams. I have a good PC, so I can afford to use high settings on OBS. This doesn't help the fact that even at 9000 kbps (Suggested bitrate for Youtube Streaming at 1080p...
  18. J

    Stream is pixely and freeze frames but doesn't rly lag

    So im streaming on twitch at 1080p 60fps with Lanczos , im using x264 as if i use nvenc ts just super laggy, CBR at 6000 bitrate, 2 keyframe intervals and the faster preset the quality isnt too bad its smooth however every like 5 mins till just randomly freeze frame for secound or two everything...
  19. H

    OBS looks noticeably worse than source on a still-image

    Using Flameshot (Lightshot alternative on Linux) i took an image of the source material and the recorded footage of the escape menu with no moving parts. The second image looks noticeably pixelated, grainy, and the color is off. This was recorded with placeboo, 8000 bitrate, CBR in 1080p. (The...
  20. K