1. B

    Issue with grainy/pixelated livestream even with high bitrate and settings

    Hello people, I just started streaming, and even after following set-up guides for OBS, I'm having issues with my livestreams. I have a good PC, so I can afford to use high settings on OBS. This doesn't help the fact that even at 9000 kbps (Suggested bitrate for Youtube Streaming at 1080p...
  2. J

    Stream is pixely and freeze frames but doesn't rly lag

    So im streaming on twitch at 1080p 60fps with Lanczos , im using x264 as if i use nvenc ts just super laggy, CBR at 6000 bitrate, 2 keyframe intervals and the faster preset the quality isnt too bad its smooth however every like 5 mins till just randomly freeze frame for secound or two everything...
  3. H

    OBS looks noticeably worse than source on a still-image

    Using Flameshot (Lightshot alternative on Linux) i took an image of the source material and the recorded footage of the escape menu with no moving parts. The second image looks noticeably pixelated, grainy, and the color is off. This was recorded with placeboo, 8000 bitrate, CBR in 1080p. (The...
  4. K


  5. T

    OBS will say "Encoding overloaded!

    Hello guys, i am a streamer of PUBG in facebook gaming and that is my config Ryzen 5 5600x Galax 2060Super 16gb ddr4 i receive this message "Encoding overloaded! Consider turning down video settings or using a faster encoding preset", in these moments I see my live on my cell phone and see...
  6. S

    Blurry/ Pixilated capture card

    I don't know if this is the right place to ask but im desperate! Ive been trying to get my elgato to not show up blurry on obs for a few days now but every fix ive read on this website and others just isnt working for me. I dont know if some settings got messed up or if i never had them correct...
  7. I


    Okay, so i have this issue that wont go away. Any game i play and record either looks washed up or grainy or there are bright spots where there is light ingame Below are my specs and settings My computer specs: Ryzen 5 3600 3.5ghz xfx rx 580 8gb corsair vengeance lpx 16 (2x8)
  8. M

    Livestream looks so pixelated and Grainy

    Hi, its been about 2-3 days and i'm still trying to fix this issue, wathever settings i put my stream looks so pixelated, i have a pretty good pc and good internet speed, i just can't find the right settings for my stream to make it look decent. Logs: https://obsproject.com/logs/6kp6pILH9Lys9-a3
  9. T

    Camera crashes (and turns pixely grey) during Zoom Webinar

    Hi All, I'm unable to find any info on this specific issue so hopefully someone knows what's happening here. We were a good hour into a webinar hosted on Zoom and suddenly the OBS feed "crashed". The OBS screen became a pixelated grey (screenshot of how it looked on the recording is attached...
  10. C

    Pixelated Text When Recording

    I've tried everything I can think of and have followed and tried just about every thread I could find over the past several days. The problem: When I record and there is movement on the screen texts suddenly becomes pixelated around the edges. When I record via Elgato Game Capture the...
  11. R

    Bought a VERY high end PC and my streams are STILL pixelated...

    With my older computer, whenever I would stream a game like Witcher 3, my stream would be all blocky and pixelated. (Mostly at higher action scenes) I cranked up the bandwidth to 12000 but that didn't help. I then noticed that my GPU would spike to 100% while streaming and figured THAT was the...
  12. R

    My Speed Test shows 9Mbps upload, but my bitrate on OBS only goes up to 1000

    Hello, I´ve been recently having issues with my OBS because my stream gets all pixelated or blurry. I know this is cause of the bitrate, but when I do the SpeedTest, it shows me that I have up to 9Mbps on upload, but when I stream on OBS in Twitch, my bitrate doesn´t goes higher than a 1000kbps...
  13. C

    stream laggy and pixelated **HELP**

    alright hello my pc specs r good so wont get into them . tested my bandwidth . best was germany , frankfurt (5) with 2500 kbps my upload speed is 16mbitps but bandwidth is 2500 BUT the problem is that i cant do more than 1200 kbps cuz if i do obs is not gonna do that . and i said ok i have bad...
  14. D

    Screen Recording is Pixelated in Premiere Pro

    Hello, I'm wondering if anyone has any tips on an OBS screen recording being edited in Premiere Pro... In OBS my base and output resolutions are 1920x1080, downscale filer is Lanczos, and common FPS values are 30. When I play the recording on my computer, it looks great! But when I upload it...
  15. F

    OBS recording idn 4/5´s bad quality and not isolating audio

    Hey:) I started recording Assetto Corsa and when I do the recordings are always really bad quality, but only in the top 4/5´th. The bottom is good quality but the top is really pixilated. In addition to this do I also have a problem with the mic channel picking up some of the in-game sound. So...
  16. T

    Logitec C920HD Distorted/Pixelated

    Hi everyone, I would really like to get back streaming but no matter what I try I cant get a decent quality from my webcam. I've tested on AMD / 265, various bitrates, qualities, profiles etc and they all have the same results.... My webcam looks blurry and pixelated. I've taken to just...
  17. C

    OBS visual blurry/pixelated when linked to Zoom

    Hi, I am using OBS to broadcast a livestream event (live video stream and presentation slides) on zoom. Even though the image quality is HD on OBS, the livestream turns blurry and pixelated when being streamed and viewed on zoom. Is there any way to solve this issue? I have tried optimising the...
  18. Magnocube967

    Stream looks blurry and pixelated

    Hello everyone, I have been trying to stream my game play (to Twitch) using both x264 and Nvidia NVENC. But the stream always looks blurry and pixelated as soon as I start moving. The texture looks extremely bad and when I do fast movement it will become almost unwatchable. I've tried to find...
  19. S


    Hello, I have a question with a technical question of resolutions and bitrate, etc. I have the stream set to 1920 x 1080 but I change the stream output to 852x480 with a bit rate of 1600 kb/ s. I play most of the games in 1920x1080p. The problem is that some games like Spellbreak the stream...
  20. D

    Streaming Looks Excessively Pixelated/Grainy Whilst Moving (6000 Bit-rate)

    I've been messing around with my OBS for a while now, consulting different guides on what might make this better, but no matter what I do nothing seems to work. Basically when I'm recording everything is completely fine. There are no problems, and everything is working perfectly. When I go to...