Bought a VERY high end PC and my streams are STILL pixelated...


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With my older computer, whenever I would stream a game like Witcher 3, my stream would be all blocky and pixelated. (Mostly at higher action scenes)

I cranked up the bandwidth to 12000 but that didn't help. I then noticed that my GPU would spike to 100% while streaming and figured THAT was the issue. As such, I got a brand new PC. 12 core processor, RTX 3080, the WORKS. Now when I stream the GPU stays around 20-30%. BEAUTIFUL! But guess what...

The stream is STILL somewhat blocky and pixelated! (again more so at action parts) It's better but not by much... IDK what I'm doing wrong and what settings I should use to make my stream look as good as possible.

I'll attach my settings and recent logs below. I must also note I stream using 'restream.' IDK if that affects anything. I asked restream and they told me it shouldn't. Thanks in advance for any help.


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We do not provide support for SLOBS here.
You will need to contact Streamlabs for assistance with their derivative version of OBS.