Issue with grainy/pixelated livestream even with high bitrate and settings


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Hello people,

I just started streaming, and even after following set-up guides for OBS, I'm having issues with my livestreams. I have a good PC, so I can afford to use high settings on OBS. This doesn't help the fact that even at 9000 kbps (Suggested bitrate for Youtube Streaming at 1080p 60fps), my livestreams are pixelated and it's hard to make out what's happening on stream. I've seen people on Twitch who use way lower bitrates (4000 - 5000) having an almost crystal clear broadcast even in the most frenetic of battles. My stream loses quality as soon as I start walking. Anyone knows what might be the issue?

Here are my current settings with some logs of Test Streams I did today.

Settings 1.png
Settings 2.png

Also, here's some links of the test streams I'm talking about:

Thanks in advance!


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