1. PastGenerations

    Bitrate problems when recording a gameplay

    Hi guys I'm having serious problems recording Dark Sousl 3 videos. The video bitrate is just bad and I don't know if the problem comes from my hardware specs or not. GPU: AMD RX580 CPU: Ryzen 5 2600
  2. M

    First time going live each day causes bitrate to drop

    Good afternoon, I am having an issue where the first time I start stream each day, the bitrate will drop anytime audio is captured, even my mic audio from me talking causes the bitrate to drop. The weirdest part is that if I stop stream and start again, everything works just fine. I have...
  3. U

    What are encoding settings for audio only still image recording?

    I am looking for settings recommendation to record the best quality audio in video container with light file size. 30 min - 60 min duration. I've set audio bitrate to 320, sample rate 48kHz & stereo. What are best settings for modern codecs available now in general for this type of thing? Does...
  4. L

    Lagging and pixelated while streaming, but perfect in game

    Hey, good morning! I'm trying to find the best config in my OBS for streaming Fortnite (the only game that lags and the one I want to resolve). My objective: Streaming in 1080p - 60fps perfectly like streamers Here's my setup: Aorus X570 Pro Ryzen 5 5600x GTX 1660 Ti 6GB 16 GB SSD...
  5. Zolja007

    OBS v28 Mac Studio Ultra M1

    Trying to figure out the best possible quality to 0 buffer experience for the viewer. Anyone got ideas? My settings, for Facebook Live: x264 CBR Bitrate 9k Keyframe 2 CPU Slow Profile High Tune Film My goal is to keep the best quality and have close to no buffer for the viewer when streaming...
  6. Zolja007

    Buffer Size and Bitrate

    I was fidgeting with the new OBS Ver. 28 on my Mac Studio. And I'm trying to improve my quality and viewer experience. So, I stumbled on Buffer size and Bitrate. Not that I hadn't seen it before, but it wasn't on my priority list. So few questions: 1. What is the relationship of these two? 2...
  7. T

    Obs stops streaming to twitch, but says its still connected with 0kb/s bitrate (logs attached)

    So this is an issue I started running into on my old laptop. My stream randomly stops on twitch and my OBS still says I'm streaming. I originally thought it was the laptops issue, so I payed it no attention. I recently upgraded to a new desktop, and the issue still persists. Today I was test...
  8. D

    Streams still blurry

    Hello, i literally tried all the settings in obs, i even tried streamlabs it doesn't works. My streams is still blurry. I don't know what is going on, i think it's from my bitrate. I tried all the rate control, the x264, the Nvdia Nhenc but it's always the same problem.
  9. R

    Low Bitrate

    I am having issues with my bitrate not getting to 6,000 during my streams. I am not super tech savy but can figure out most issues. I 've researched everything I can about this issue, done everything I can find to do with no success. My last resort is posting here and calling my ISP. I...
  10. T

    Data rate on videos is higher than usual

    Log file: I'm recording with CQP rate control set at level 18. This has worked for me before, giving me bitrates around 3,000-5,000. But recently, the bitrate has become 30,000-35,000, which takes up way to much storage, and I don't know why. OBS is...
  11. A

    Bitrate problems/quality

    Hi im using an GTX 1650 Super and an ryzen 5 2600 im using NVIDIA NVENC H.264 (NEW) 1920x1080 60fps and CBR with 12000 bitrate Quality preset High profile with that bitrate im supposed to get non-pixelated game recordings with good quality but the recordings are pixelated no matter what i...
  12. D

    Unstable bitrate even with 30+mbps upload

    So I've wanted to stream for awhile and finally tried for the past month. Some days would be fine but most days it were worse than others where my bitrate won't be stable at all. For the past month I thought the reason was cause I would try to stream through a power cable or if that was acting...
  13. L

    Blurry facecam during fast motion gameplay

    I have played with so many settings, have watched so many videos, and have read forum questions asking for help about the same thing, and still haven't gotten it to work for myself. I've played with the bitrate but still haven't found anything suited for me. When I record the footage looks good...
  14. H

    Obs no reconoce mi velocidad de subida

    Tengo una velocidad de subida de mas de 20 megas, y cuando le pongo 2.500 kbps en bitrate obs me lo baja a 500 o a 1500 y fluctua demasiado. He intentado de TODO, colocandolo en CBR en VBR con base de 1500 a 3000 de limite pero nada, tambien intente en el menu " AVANZADO " habilitar las mejoras...
  15. Y

    Having Issues with buffering

    Okay, I did read and go through the pinned posts in the forums but I am still not getting anywhere. I am streaming explicitly on Youtube and am having dropped frames, lag and buffering issues. I am using a one PC set up to stream and play games. This is my laptop...
  16. S

    High ping in-game when streaming at high bitrate

    Hi. I'm trying to solve this ping issue. As you can see, my internet is not bad and I want to stream at 7k-8k bitrate 1080p. But whenever I try 7k or 8k bitrate, my in-game ping will increase to 200-300 ping (50-70 ping when streaming at 6k bitrate). Will enable TCP pacing help? I have seen a...
  17. LordFraug

    Bitrate/frame rate issues. Mostly sure not related to my internet.

    I've been streaming for 2 year now at 1080p 60fps and have had 0 issues through out those 2 years. Come to this month I'm starting to have bitrate issues and frame rate issues out of no where. I'm like 99.9% sure it isn't my internet. I've spent hours trying to troubleshoot this problem on my...
  18. JaLoXxD

    Unestable Bitrate / Bitrate inestable

    Hello, I was streaming in facebook around 2 months. 6 days ago I've had problems, the bitrate that I use is 8000kbps. The stream is going well but after few minutes, the bitrate goes down to 4000kbps or less. Then the bitrate goes up to 12000kbps or 30000kbps (I don't know why xD). I tried...
  19. A

    Low bitrate when My network is good

    Hello, recently i've been having issues with streaming. I have a 50-60mbps of upload speed but OBS will only let me stream at most, 1500Kbps. Is this an issue with OBS or is it my ISP? i've tried reinstalling OBS and resetting my router, but nothing works. Is something limiting me from using...
  20. KeatonBuddy

    OBS bitrate TANKS when running Raid Shadow Legends and Raid shadow legends only

    When I am streaming, and I launch Raid shadow legends, my bitrate tanks to around 0-100 and then when I close the game it fixes itself. This is the only game I have this issue with. Any help would be appreciated. I reinstalled the game and the launcher and that did not work. I restarted my...