1. T

    Data rate on videos is higher than usual

    Log file: I'm recording with CQP rate control set at level 18. This has worked for me before, giving me bitrates around 3,000-5,000. But recently, the bitrate has become 30,000-35,000, which takes up way to much storage, and I don't know why. OBS is...
  2. A

    Bitrate problems/quality

    Hi im using an GTX 1650 Super and an ryzen 5 2600 im using NVIDIA NVENC H.264 (NEW) 1920x1080 60fps and CBR with 12000 bitrate Quality preset High profile with that bitrate im supposed to get non-pixelated game recordings with good quality but the recordings are pixelated no matter what i...
  3. D

    Unstable bitrate even with 30+mbps upload

    So I've wanted to stream for awhile and finally tried for the past month. Some days would be fine but most days it were worse than others where my bitrate won't be stable at all. For the past month I thought the reason was cause I would try to stream through a power cable or if that was acting...
  4. L

    Blurry facecam during fast motion gameplay

    I have played with so many settings, have watched so many videos, and have read forum questions asking for help about the same thing, and still haven't gotten it to work for myself. I've played with the bitrate but still haven't found anything suited for me. When I record the footage looks good...
  5. H

    Obs no reconoce mi velocidad de subida

    Tengo una velocidad de subida de mas de 20 megas, y cuando le pongo 2.500 kbps en bitrate obs me lo baja a 500 o a 1500 y fluctua demasiado. He intentado de TODO, colocandolo en CBR en VBR con base de 1500 a 3000 de limite pero nada, tambien intente en el menu " AVANZADO " habilitar las mejoras...
  6. Y

    Having Issues with buffering

    Okay, I did read and go through the pinned posts in the forums but I am still not getting anywhere. I am streaming explicitly on Youtube and am having dropped frames, lag and buffering issues. I am using a one PC set up to stream and play games. This is my laptop...
  7. S

    High ping in-game when streaming at high bitrate

    Hi. I'm trying to solve this ping issue. As you can see, my internet is not bad and I want to stream at 7k-8k bitrate 1080p. But whenever I try 7k or 8k bitrate, my in-game ping will increase to 200-300 ping (50-70 ping when streaming at 6k bitrate). Will enable TCP pacing help? I have seen a...
  8. LordFraug

    Bitrate/frame rate issues. Mostly sure not related to my internet.

    I've been streaming for 2 year now at 1080p 60fps and have had 0 issues through out those 2 years. Come to this month I'm starting to have bitrate issues and frame rate issues out of no where. I'm like 99.9% sure it isn't my internet. I've spent hours trying to troubleshoot this problem on my...
  9. JaLoXxD

    Unestable Bitrate / Bitrate inestable

    Hello, I was streaming in facebook around 2 months. 6 days ago I've had problems, the bitrate that I use is 8000kbps. The stream is going well but after few minutes, the bitrate goes down to 4000kbps or less. Then the bitrate goes up to 12000kbps or 30000kbps (I don't know why xD). I tried...
  10. A

    Low bitrate when My network is good

    Hello, recently i've been having issues with streaming. I have a 50-60mbps of upload speed but OBS will only let me stream at most, 1500Kbps. Is this an issue with OBS or is it my ISP? i've tried reinstalling OBS and resetting my router, but nothing works. Is something limiting me from using...
  11. KeatonBuddy

    OBS bitrate TANKS when running Raid Shadow Legends and Raid shadow legends only

    When I am streaming, and I launch Raid shadow legends, my bitrate tanks to around 0-100 and then when I close the game it fixes itself. This is the only game I have this issue with. Any help would be appreciated. I reinstalled the game and the launcher and that did not work. I restarted my...
  12. J

    Bitrate is causing my recording/streaming to look pixelated/blurry when moving around.

    Specs: GTX 1050 TI Intel Core i7-10700F 2.9GHz Whenever I try recording/streaming the video/vod looks very pixelated and blurry whenever I start to move in game. (I'm playing 1.16.1 in Minecraft btw) I've tried experimenting with different bitrate by changing it and doing a test recording for...
  13. jellybeak

    Sudden Unstable Bitrate - After Months of Stable Streaming

    I have been streaming for months and all the sudden I have randomly started getting HORRIBLE drops in my bitrate. I stream in 1080p 60fps, around a 10k bitrate, I have 430+ down and 22+ up. For months I have had PERFECT success with my setup/settings. The connection usually starts off around 10k...
  14. S

    low bitrate and dropped frames

    i cant stream on facebook at 4000 kbs keeps saying dropped frames and low bitrate but internet speed is 700 mbps and upload is 42 mbps pc is i7 3070 16 gig ram
  15. S

    Sudden Bitrate Drops

    Hey all! Recently I've been having a lot of random bitrate drops with OBS. The two streams I did in October and December had steep bitrate drops where they fluctuated wildly between 500-4000kbps, causing the streams to stutter pretty bad. I have the log file for last night's stream (which went...
  16. T

    KB/S drops to 0 when I open a game

    Log: This log is when I started the stream and immediately opened "Paint The Town Red". The bitrate tanked and I ended the stream. Less than 5 minute stream. The stream: Bitrate: 2000 540p 60fps GPU: 1650 Super Encoder: NVENC The stream is fine...
  17. J

    bitrate issues when trying to stream on twitch.

    So I have a consistent issue with a lot of streaming applications when i attempt to stream on twitch, when I run test streams on OBS it shows that I'm dropping a lot of frames, I set my scale to 1920x1080, 30 FPS With 6000 bitrate and opened nothing just streamed a blank screen, and OBS shows a...
  18. G

    Disconnection stream

    hello, I have a problem with my stream, after a few minutes in my log this error comes out "warning: Could not update timestamps for discarded samples". this error continues every 10 seconds until the crash of the connection of twitch's servers. has it ever happened to anyone? There is a solution?
  19. J

    Bitrate going up and down

    Hey, just wanted to start a stream on my new twitch account and when I start the stream I notice the many frames dropped 30% or more and bitrate going up and down from 100 to 4000. These never happened to me before on streamlabs obs where I streamed a couple of months ago because I had upgraded...
  20. S

    Using CQP to record results in an unusually low bitrate

    Hello. I occasionally use OBS to record gameplay, but I have noticed some fuzzy elements on parts of my recordings. I use CQP at 22 (sometimes 18) to record, and mediainfo has labeled my total bitrate as around 2350kb/s. This seems very low, I am not sure if this is expected. Could someone let...