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I seem to have an overlay that is causing my stream to drop to 0 bit rate. This is what I've gathered from my log file: It is the bottom most stuff in there starting at 22:18:24.040.

22:18:24.261: [obs-browser: 'INGAME'] Error: [Report Only] Refused to connect to 'wss://' because it violates the following Content Security Policy directive: "connect-src 'none'".

That sounds very weird and the "INGAME" in question is literally just a neon bar as an overlay. Can I do something about it or should I just delete it from everywhere and find an alternative?
But then I won't know the root cause.

I found out that someone had the same issue here:
Everything checks out the same for me.

Thanks a lot in advance in case someone can help with this!


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If you have an issue with a product or service from a third party then you have to contact them for support.
OBS don't provide overlays.

My advice is to completelly remove the streamelemens thing, which is done using the uninstaller they provide and then manually removing the leftover files inside %appdata%\obs-studio\
Once you've done this, uninstall and reinstall OBS. Run the Auto-configuration Wizard (tools menu), if it don't started automatically when reinstalling, and apply the settings it gives. Now restart OBS.

spectralizer is a deprecated plugin and cause issues too. Remove it.

To better measure your internet conection against twitch servers you can use this tool:
Anything bellow 90 quality is bad and probably an issue on your ISP, but could be in your own home netwok related to:
20:52:24.159: [rtmp stream: 'adv_stream'] Interface: SAMSUNG Mobile USB Remote NDIS Network Device (type 0, 425↓/425↑ mbps)
22:18:21.947: WriteN, RTMP send error 10054 (4104 bytes)
22:18:21.947: WriteN, RTMP send error 10038 (79 bytes)
22:18:21.947: WriteN, RTMP send error 10038 (42 bytes)
Check for driver updates too.

It's adviced to use a wired network connection for streaming.