bitrate dropping to 0

  1. SavvierNelson

    Overlay causing my bitrate to drop to 0?

    I seem to have an overlay that is causing my stream to drop to 0 bit rate. This is what I've gathered from my log file: It is the bottom most stuff in there starting at 22:18:24.040. 22:18:24.261: [obs-browser: 'INGAME'] Error: [Report Only] Refused...
  2. justslinger

    low bitrate with decent upload speed??

    i have been able to stream to twitch the past few days, but now whenever i stream i get insanely low bitrates ranging from 100 to 1000 kbps. i have been streaming at a constant bitrate of around 7000 my past streams. my upload speed is around 14 mbps as well most recent logs...
  3. S

    Bitrate drops to Zero, then goes back up again?

    Hello, im having this issue since one week, my Bitrate keeps dropping to 0 for a few seconds, and after that it goes back up to 5900-6100. Could this issue be because of any setting in OBS? I restarted my router, used different servers for twitch in obs, my PC is up to date. I dont know what to...
  4. S

    OBS periodically drops to 0 kbps

    I've been having this issue for about a month or so now, possibly starting a bit after I updated OBS 28 and it's really negatively affecting my streams. What usually happens is that a stream will go on like normal anywhere from 30 seconds to 3+ hours until I notice the red square in the bottom...
  5. H

    Obs no reconoce mi velocidad de subida

    Tengo una velocidad de subida de mas de 20 megas, y cuando le pongo 2.500 kbps en bitrate obs me lo baja a 500 o a 1500 y fluctua demasiado. He intentado de TODO, colocandolo en CBR en VBR con base de 1500 a 3000 de limite pero nada, tambien intente en el menu " AVANZADO " habilitar las mejoras...
  6. F

    Bitrate dropping to 0 kb/s and OBS freezing at random

    Here's my last log file I'm having this problem for several months/OBS updates now. At random, my OBS will freeze and Bitrate will drop to 0 requiring me to kill OBS in task manager in order to restart the stream. It can happen with 10 minutes of stream or 10 hours, it can happen every day or...