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  1. F

    OBS 0kb/s

    Never had this problem before while streaming but OBS just fluctuates form 6k to 3k to 0 in a matter of seconds. Don´t really know what to do... Log File
  2. V

    Bitrate drops to 0 kb/s or close to this amount

    Hello. I have such a problem that when starting a stream, the bitrate immediately or after a few seconds drops to zero. Then he tries to go up to 200, 300 kb/s, but still keeps at zero. It started a couple of days ago when I bought a new pc. Previously, everything worked perfectly, streams went...
  3. kaushik5699

    Bitrate drops to 0 when game starts!! Please help.

    So, I have been trying to stream using obs. The stream starts well lets say valorant, for a few seconds but after that the bitrate falls immediately to 0 kbps. I haven't been able to find a fix and have tried everything possible. I have tried everything that is mentioned in this forum for...
  4. A

    OBS keeps

    Whenever i stream obs says it has 0/kbps, my upload speed is 4 MBs, somedays it doesnt happen others it happens like 2 times in the same stream, i live the log of the stream and if i missed any info let me know any helps will be appreciated
  5. rianradeck

    Stream bitrate goes to 0 when display capture is visible - Youtube

    Stream starts with no problem on youtube since you do not show your display. I tried with game capture and image capture and both worked fine, but as soon as I click to show my screen the stream bitrate drops to 0 and youtube closes it. Have no ideia why, but it works just fine on twitch this...
  6. F

    Cannot stream: error 10053

    In the last few days I was not able to stream due to the error 10053. I tried almost everything, it's not a connection issue (I stream over my phone on the same network. I streamed last month and had no problem, yesterday it didn't work: same hardware, same connection, same everything. Every 2/5...
  7. X

    Bitrate Dropping to 0 every (x) minutes interval then reconnects

    Bitrate Dropping to 0 every (x) minutes interval then reconnects // Losing connection to the server Basically means im losing connection every unknownminutes ex. every 9mins 16mins 12mins bitrate drop happens The one in the attachment is 9 min interval. Was on facebook but. it does the same...
  8. L

    0 kb/s bitrate

    I cant stream from my PC, it randnomly jumping on kb/s like from 10000 to 3000 to 0 and freeze. My net is 100/100 optic wired. I did contact my IPS they turn on public IP adress it works for like 10-30 minutes and after it the same jumping and freeze. They did not find any issue on they side and...
  9. D

    Bitrate stuck at 0-300

    I used to be able to stream constantly at 4000 Kbps but suddenly im stuck at 0-300 Kbps. I havent changed anything with the settings and my download and upload speeds are the same.
  10. N

    Question / Help Bitrate goes to 0kbps as soon as I start a game.

    When i stream normally, just display capture and streaming my screen, i get a bitrate of 3000 kbps, but as soon as I start a game, bitrate goes to 0 and fluctuates around 200. Even in task manager, before i launch a game, OBS uses 4-5 Mbps bandwidth, but as soon as the game is launched it goes...
  11. B

    Bug Report Random crash on streaming

    Hello, I had an error the past 2 days. I was streaming and suddenly the OBS crash and bitrate goes to 0. I need to restart the program and start streaming again. Log: