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  1. 1

    99% frame drop, please help

    99% frame drop, please help, Can anyone help with this problem i have no idea whats going on ? I uploaded the log. thanks
  2. G

    bit rate issues despite great internet and good hardware

    I need some help figuring out whats wrong with my obs. I have been using obs for about 3 to 4 years now and have had virtually no issues streaming on twitch. then suddenly about 2 weeks ago my bit rate started fluctuating rapidly. according to things ive seen online, all signs were pointing to...
  3. D

    Getting Red or yellow network warnings with a 240 mb network

    ive swapped to obs from slobs because my webcam clarity was awful only to find my stream lagging and dropping 60% of frames and stating 0 kbps. so i turnt on the ip locking, dynamically change bitrate, and enable network optimizations. which all added a large stream delay, like 60 secs, and made...
  4. P

    bitrate drop to 0

    hello, when i try to stream my live after 20 minutes my bitrate drop to 0 and obs stop working
  5. SavvierNelson

    Overlay causing my bitrate to drop to 0?

    I seem to have an overlay that is causing my stream to drop to 0 bit rate. This is what I've gathered from my log file: It is the bottom most stuff in there starting at 22:18:24.040. 22:18:24.261: [obs-browser: 'INGAME'] Error: [Report Only] Refused...
  6. E

    When I start a game the bitrate drops from 6000 to 0 kb/s

    When starting a transmission it starts very well with 6100 bitrate but when starting a game (whatever it is) the bitrate drops to 0 kb/s. And when closing it after a minute it returns to 6000, I already tried several solutions but I didn't solve it. I attach a video where you can see the error...
  7. K

    Game starts - bit rate drop

    I have a long during problem about 2 weeks. Before that, I was streaming normally without any problems. But one day when I start games - bit rate drops to 0 (even if I DON'T SHOW THE IMAGE OF GAME). Without game, the bit rate has stable 6000-8000. I've tested a lot of ways of solution of this...
  8. S

    Bitrate fluctuating badly at random, frames dropping heavily

    I'm a Twitch streamer, and I tried to go live today. My bitrate is typically around 3000, and last week I had zero issues with it. Today, my bitrate was fluctuating even in the starting screen when nothing was going on, going anywhere from 0 to 13000 and causing massive frame drops. I attempted...
  9. F

    OBS Keep dropping bitrate to 0 and than it freezes.

    As the Titlte says, it drops my bitrate to 0 than it freezes when i try to end the stream. Tryed everything, new fresh install nothing helped. Never had this Problem before, now it keep doing that for like 1 month or so. Anyone an idea how to fix it? My latest Crash file is attached.
  10. J

    Choppy Frames & Low Quality Bitrate

    Hello, I've recently built a new PC that has an RTX 3090 and 12900k (which should be more than capable of running smooth 60 fps and a consistent bitrate) but my frames just don't look all that smooth and high quality and my bitrate is inconsistent and very low quality and looks more like CBR...
  11. L

    Streamlabs jumps to 0kb/s while Streaming

    Hey, everytime I stream, my ethernet jumps to 0kb/s in upload as soon as I start a game (so obv the stream crashes). It happens for 15 seconds and then the stream comes back. After another 2 minutes ethernet goes down to 0 again for 15 seconfs. My internet is usually very fast, as well as my...
  12. B

    Bitrate drops to 0 when 2nd IP connection established

    About 2 week ago my twitch stream started dropping to 0 bitrate and I could not find out why. After continuous troubleshooting we posted a wireshark forum and this was the response that was received. "Two connections went to Twitch. Connection 1 () This is the one that stops in the middle. It...
  13. M

    Bitrate drops

    HI, i've a problem with my streaming. About every 10 minutes my bitrate drops to 0, my live crash and after 20 seconds the streaming restarts. My internet connection is not amazing (90Mbs download and around 10Mbs in upload). With my connection I can stream 1080p 30fps without promlems. I don't...
  14. F

    OBS 0kb/s

    Never had this problem before while streaming but OBS just fluctuates form 6k to 3k to 0 in a matter of seconds. Don´t really know what to do... Log File
  15. V

    Bitrate drops to 0 kb/s or close to this amount

    Hello. I have such a problem that when starting a stream, the bitrate immediately or after a few seconds drops to zero. Then he tries to go up to 200, 300 kb/s, but still keeps at zero. It started a couple of days ago when I bought a new pc. Previously, everything worked perfectly, streams went...
  16. kaushik5699

    Bitrate drops to 0 when game starts!! Please help.

    So, I have been trying to stream using obs. The stream starts well lets say valorant, for a few seconds but after that the bitrate falls immediately to 0 kbps. I haven't been able to find a fix and have tried everything possible. I have tried everything that is mentioned in this forum for...
  17. A

    OBS keeps

    Whenever i stream obs says it has 0/kbps, my upload speed is 4 MBs, somedays it doesnt happen others it happens like 2 times in the same stream, i live the log of the stream and if i missed any info let me know any helps will be appreciated
  18. rianradeck

    Stream bitrate goes to 0 when display capture is visible - Youtube

    Stream starts with no problem on youtube since you do not show your display. I tried with game capture and image capture and both worked fine, but as soon as I click to show my screen the stream bitrate drops to 0 and youtube closes it. Have no ideia why, but it works just fine on twitch this...
  19. F

    Cannot stream: error 10053

    In the last few days I was not able to stream due to the error 10053. I tried almost everything, it's not a connection issue (I stream over my phone on the same network. I streamed last month and had no problem, yesterday it didn't work: same hardware, same connection, same everything. Every 2/5...
  20. X

    Bitrate Dropping to 0 every (x) minutes interval then reconnects

    Bitrate Dropping to 0 every (x) minutes interval then reconnects // Losing connection to the server Basically means im losing connection every unknownminutes ex. every 9mins 16mins 12mins bitrate drop happens The one in the attachment is 9 min interval. Was on facebook but. it does the same...