Getting Red or yellow network warnings with a 240 mb network


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ive swapped to obs from slobs because my webcam clarity was awful only to find my stream lagging and dropping 60% of frames and stating 0 kbps. so i turnt on the ip locking, dynamically change bitrate, and enable network optimizations. which all added a large stream delay, like 60 secs, and made my 4k webcam blurier than a 5$ webcam. i read that its typically internet problems but i have a wifi connection (not lan) of 240 mbps.

i have a sony a7 IV running through a elgato cam link 4k, it works perfectly fine.
it looks perfect in my preview since its just mirroring my live feed, but when its streamed it looks not amazing
i stream in 1080p which i dont think is the problem because it looks crisp but laggy when i streamed at a static bitrate

any help appreciated i just dont understand why its not working