webcam blur

  1. D

    Getting Red or yellow network warnings with a 240 mb network

    ive swapped to obs from slobs because my webcam clarity was awful only to find my stream lagging and dropping 60% of frames and stating 0 kbps. so i turnt on the ip locking, dynamically change bitrate, and enable network optimizations. which all added a large stream delay, like 60 secs, and made...
  2. 2

    Camera Blurry when high motion

    I have been streaming MW2 to kick the past 2 weeks and my camera keeps going blurry. I have googled this and have tried multiple solutions like lighting and making camera taking up bigger portion of the screen but that gets to ridiculous when trying to balance me with the game. I have a high end...
  3. B

    Cam quality looks great but streams horribly

    Hello I know the answer (or at least I think I do) to what's wrong but I dont know how to fix it. So in OBS my quality looks great for my webcam, but when I stream it looks like trash. My lighting situation is just fine. When I stream and I am playing a game that requires a lot of movement...
  4. kr8zY

    Webcam with no autofocus/manual focus

    My webcam doesn't have autofocus, and when I see the manual focus, I can't change it. Is there any plugin or anyway to manually modify focus?
  5. B

    Camera Blurring

    Greetings, I am a new user. I think I will LOVE OBS I am using: A Logitech C922C webcam Windows 11 PC with high-end PC. I have no video problem with other applications including zoom which I use every day. The video appears out of focus in the display and recording. I tried to work with...