Cam quality looks great but streams horribly


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Hello I know the answer (or at least I think I do) to what's wrong but I dont know how to fix it. So in OBS my quality looks great for my webcam, but when I stream it looks like trash. My lighting situation is just fine. When I stream and I am playing a game that requires a lot of movement (apex, overwatch etc) my webcam goes blurry and pixelated. If I am playing something like jackbox its fine. I read online that it has to do with how twitch encodes things. What can I do to fix it? Any setting I can supply pictures of I dont know where to start with fixing it. Here is an example of how it looks with my screen having no movement: No movement and game with movement: with movement . Also I know I have different webcam formats for each video (one being rectangular and the other circle but it happens in both ways)


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It's normal. The more movement you have (change on the image) the more process needed to draw each frame. The codec can't keep with it so it draws less pixels and thus more pixelated image.
Recordings are less pixelated as normally the codec is used with quality in mind.

Also, depending on the platform you're streaming to, they may reduce the quality on the transcode and in the VOD.
Using the same setting in Twitch and Kick you'll notice a better quality in Kick. For now.
Youtube allows more kbps so you have better quality, but is restricted by the capablities of your own hardware.