webcam lag

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    Camera and Audio Works when Alt-Tabbed from a game, but Stutter when in-game, even if the game is still running on the background.

    Well i just discovered this today.Was planning on starting the year playing BG3 but, for some reason, my camera just refuses to work.The game can be running on the background, animations, fights, everything, if alt tabbed, the Webcam works perfectly.But when i alt tab back into the game, webcam...
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    Getting Red or yellow network warnings with a 240 mb network

    ive swapped to obs from slobs because my webcam clarity was awful only to find my stream lagging and dropping 60% of frames and stating 0 kbps. so i turnt on the ip locking, dynamically change bitrate, and enable network optimizations. which all added a large stream delay, like 60 secs, and made...
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    Droidcam lag

    Hi! I've been using droid cam for a little while now, and recently I've stumbled across a problem. You see, sometimes during recordings my webcam freezes and video is really slow and suddenly speeds up and everything's fine again. If someone knows what the issue is, please help!