bitrate issues

  1. SavvierNelson

    Overlay causing my bitrate to drop to 0?

    I seem to have an overlay that is causing my stream to drop to 0 bit rate. This is what I've gathered from my log file: It is the bottom most stuff in there starting at 22:18:24.040. 22:18:24.261: [obs-browser: 'INGAME'] Error: [Report Only] Refused...
  2. M

    Bitrate no longer goes above 700 while streaming

    Hi all, sorry in advance if this post is a bit rambly/ not formatted well- this is my first post on here and I'm not super savvy with PC stuff, but I'll do my best to explain everything properly. I stream on twitch a couple of times a week, my last stream was November 18th and everything ran...
  3. ZeloZalis

    Subida limitada en el OBS para transmitir

    Estoy teniendo este problema desde hace unas semanas, en el que tengo mucha perdida de paquetes cuando transmito, iré adjuntando imágenes para explicar mejor la situación: Primero que nada quiero aclarar algo: NO ES PROBLEMA DE MI INTERNET. Mi velocidad máxima de subida es de 1mbps, tengo un...
  4. T

    very low bandwidth

    Hello guys! I have a problem with the stream bandwidth. Usually i've streaming with like 6000 bitrate, but now, when i'm starting stream, bitrate drops on 700-1500. How do i can fix it? Someone faced that problem? Attached my logs.
  5. Y

    i'm having drops with high end pc with 100/10 internet

    i've linked all the files i have on my last stream. i'm playing mostly valorant and i prioritize obs as above normal as well, it wasnt happening before 2 weeks. But now it come up
  6. R

    Low Bitrate

    I am having issues with my bitrate not getting to 6,000 during my streams. I am not super tech savy but can figure out most issues. I 've researched everything I can about this issue, done everything I can find to do with no success. My last resort is posting here and calling my ISP. I...
  7. C

    bitrate unstable isp issue? log here

    i have had this problem for sometime now just dont know what to do. isp issues happen finally got it fixed where i have the speeds i pay for but i cant stream when i used to be able to normally at 6k. upload is 20 idk what else it can be someone pls help.
  8. D

    Unstable bitrate even with 30+mbps upload

    So I've wanted to stream for awhile and finally tried for the past month. Some days would be fine but most days it were worse than others where my bitrate won't be stable at all. For the past month I thought the reason was cause I would try to stream through a power cable or if that was acting...
  9. F

    OBS bad bitrate

    Hi there, Over the past few days, I have noticed my bitrate constantly going red after a few minutes into my stream playing Roblox which is really weird as my laptop should work fine! I have tried to change the bitrate setting while streaming but no improvement! I have also tried streaming to...
  10. nepekar

    some server connection issues

    Hi. Do you guys have any idea what's wrong? I tried to launch a stream, but bitrate stays low or spikes for 1 sec and goes down. As you can see in the screenshot, sweden server has the best bandwidth, but quality is 0. What can i do? (also i want to mention that youtube on bitrate 6000 works...
  11. I

    Bitrate 1500 kbps lock

    Hi!, I can't stream at 3500 kbps bitrate anymore on Twitch (which I had been doing normally), if I try it OBS gives me spikes and bitrate becomes unstable (500~2000 kbps), drops, and turns red and yellow, but if I put the bitrate to 1500 kbps or less, it goes fine and stable. Curiously if I...
  12. Sgt_Logix

    AVC encoder bitrate only 0kbps or 1kbps

    Hi there guys, I tried to change the bitrate, but I just can't seem to make it switch. The only two options that it lets me do, is either 1 or 0. I can't really figure out why does this problem occurs, but I hope that I'm not the only one having this problem! Does someone face this issue too? I...
  13. Sgt_Logix

    Can't change bitrate in advanced encoder settings while using AVC encoder!

    Hi there guys, Today, I bought myself some new upgrades for my pc (sweet!), but when I try to change the bitrate, I just can't seem to make it switch. The only two options that it lets me do, is either 1 or 0. I can't really figure out why does this problem occurs, but I hope that I'm not the...
  14. S

    HELP!!! Stream one game but not another?

    I'm having an issue where I can stream Minecraft but not VALORANT and I don't know why. I'm streaming over an ethernet connection, and whenever I try to switch between the games, my bitrate tanks from ~4500 to 100, or even zero. This isn't only the issue with Minecraft though. If I was to be...