HELP!!! Stream one game but not another?


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I'm having an issue where I can stream Minecraft but not VALORANT and I don't know why. I'm streaming over an ethernet connection, and whenever I try to switch between the games, my bitrate tanks from ~4500 to 100, or even zero. This isn't only the issue with Minecraft though. If I was to be "Just Chatting" and searching for things on google during the stream, everything would remain okay. But it's only when I play games like VALORANT, Skyrim, or Gang Beasts that my bitrate goes haywire.

might also be important to include that I'm not experiencing dropped frames or anything like that, but rather just the bitrate goes to complete trash.

PC Specs:
CPU: Intel i7-8750H
GPU: RTX-2080 Max Q

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1. Your log contains streaming sessions with dropped frames. This can only be caused by a failure in your internet connection or your networking hardware. It is not caused by OBS. Follow the troubleshooting steps at: Dropped Frames and General Connection Issues.
2. Your gigabit-capable network card is only connecting at 100mbps. This may indicate a bad network cable or outdated router / switch which could be impacting network performance.

You may not have enough bandwidth to play Valorant and stream it at a reasonable bitrate.