internet connectivity

  1. G

    bit rate issues despite great internet and good hardware

    I need some help figuring out whats wrong with my obs. I have been using obs for about 3 to 4 years now and have had virtually no issues streaming on twitch. then suddenly about 2 weeks ago my bit rate started fluctuating rapidly. according to things ive seen online, all signs were pointing to...
  2. O

    OBS not reconnecting during live stream drops

    I am reaching out to you because I have been experiencing an issue with your software. During my live streams, I have been getting dropped frequently, and OBS is not reconnecting automatically when this happens. As a result, my streams are being disrupted, and I am losing viewers. I have...
  3. S

    Bitrate drops to Zero, then goes back up again?

    Hello, im having this issue since one week, my Bitrate keeps dropping to 0 for a few seconds, and after that it goes back up to 5900-6100. Could this issue be because of any setting in OBS? I restarted my router, used different servers for twitch in obs, my PC is up to date. I dont know what to...
  4. N

    OBS uses 1500 Kb/s - 0 Kb/s - OBS usa 1500 Kb/s a 0 Kb/s

    Hello, currently I have a good computer and my internet connection is powerful enough to have 5000 Bitrate, I stream at 1920x1080 and in general everything should flow but not in this case, I start streaming and it goes down to an average of 1500 kbps or 0 kbps which does not let me stream...
  5. D

    Dropped Frames with a good and fast internet

    Hello guys, it's my first post and I'm not an OBS expert I stream to Twitch often, always at 1080p60fps at 8000kbps, never had any problems and it always worked fine, however all of a sudden I started getting dropped frames (internet) even with a good connection, any idea what it could be...
  6. DrewMac

    Plugin or option to have back up internet service (auto use back up internet if primary fails)

    I am migrating from Livestream Studio where there was an option to have two ISP's, one as primary, and a second as back up. I have a Z600 workstation with lan and wifi and with Livestream Studio it was a simple click to ensure our event doesn't crash due to internet. We've got 1GB fiber and...
  7. M

    streaming in OBS is set to zero internet transfer bytes, even when connected

    I have this problem for days that I do live broadcasts for Twitch and my problem is that the internet transfer or the frame is set to 0 bits despite being with the internet and apart from that it causes the pc to bug and there is no way to reconnect
  8. B

    OBS disconnects "Received FD_CLOSE"

    Hi :) While streaming obs loses the connection and then reconnects within a few seconds. Ive recently moved into a new apartment which came with the change of internet and router, its a fiber connection with 150 Mbit/s up. The twitch bandwidth test suggests that the connection is good, done a...
  9. Z

    Internet disconnecting every time I start up a stream

    Occasionally when I'm not streaming my internet will drop, but as soon as I start up a stream it will almost automatically disconnect me from the internet. I've tried to use the network optimizations, TCP pacing, checked my internet speed, bought an entirely new ethernet cable, and checked my...
  10. S

    High upload speed, dropping frames on OBS. Have data.

    Hi everyone! I have been stressed over this and have tried a BUNCH of stuff to see if I can fix this. I took 3 weeks off from streaming and before I could stream normally, I returned and had frames drops. I would totally appreciate if anyone could let me know what I can do. Upload speed is...
  11. I

    OBS/Twitch ending stream on it's own

    Hello everyone, I am a streamer in need of help. Recently I've been streaming and occurred an issue that my stream went offline which I saw on my chatterino, but then as I opened obs studio it hasn't ended the stream. I look up into my twitch channel and my stream indeed ended. I don't know...
  12. prxyrse

    Internet Drops Only When Streaming from OBS...?

    Hello, I help on the tech side of things with my partner's streaming. We've been having issues with it for a long time now, and have tried multiple things. New Router, Changing Settings, you name it. Only thing it feels like we haven't done is change ISPs (which, seems kind of impossible for us...
  13. N

    Problems with the internet.

    Hi, im streaming in Twitch with obs, i have a bitrate of 1200 kbs but my upload velocity is of 2500 kbs when i up the bitrate to 2500 the stream have lag and the square is in red, solutions? Sorry for my English, i from Argentina xd Thanks you for reading :)
  14. N

    Upload Speeds Reducing and Heavily Fluctuating After 5 Seconds - Only Computer With Issue on Network

    Hey guys, I have the strangest issue that I have no other solution for than pleading for internet help. I just moved into a new house and set up my streaming computer again only to find a very high amount of fluctuation and a downward trend in my upload speeds even though my internet upload...
  15. T

    i get lags when streaming

    sometimes my csgo viewmodel is a bit laggy, but not the whole game itself, i don't seem to be lagging myself, just my viewmodel, sometimes my internet slows down and stuff every time i stream idk why, my internet speed is "very fast" it says, 400/8-12 (comcast or xfinity) when i use like 5000...
  16. M

    connection problem with obs (NO PROBLEM WITH THE HOTSPOT 10 DOWN/10 UP,SOME PROBLEMS WITH 250 MBS DOWN/60 UP!!!)

    hi to everyone obs (and streamlabs also) give me some problems with the connection.i start to stream on twitch with an hotspot connection by a mobile phone (10 mbs down/10 mbs up) and obs never give me problems, it all run perfectly (0,9% frame loss).now i 've a connection that goes on 250 mbs...
  17. S

    IPS crashes to near zero mbps from 900 up/down when starting OBS or streaming

    Hi Everyone, I posted this in the Discord chat but since nobody was able to help, I wanted to bring it here. I've been using Streamlabs OBS and StreamElements for years and I've never had an issue, having 900 mbps up/down for the last 2 years (not together, I have different streams...
  18. A

    Internet connection stability problems in version 26

    I recently updated from OBS version 25, expecting a stable internet connection in live broadcasts, however, it was not like that. The connection is constantly lost creating spaces in which the same program passes it in reconnection. Check the internet connection and it is stable im other...
  19. S

    HELP!!! Stream one game but not another?

    I'm having an issue where I can stream Minecraft but not VALORANT and I don't know why. I'm streaming over an ethernet connection, and whenever I try to switch between the games, my bitrate tanks from ~4500 to 100, or even zero. This isn't only the issue with Minecraft though. If I was to be...