IPS crashes to near zero mbps from 900 up/down when starting OBS or streaming


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Hi Everyone,

I posted this in the Discord chat but since nobody was able to help, I wanted to bring it here.

I've been using Streamlabs OBS and StreamElements OBS.live for years and I've never had an issue, having 900 mbps up/down for the last 2 years (not together, I have different streams for each service loaded up). On Sunday night, my stream wouldn't output anything, even though I said it was streaming (using Streamlabs) and yesterday using StreamElements, the same thing. I checked my ISP and it dropped from 900 mbps up/down to almost 0 up/down. I haven't done anything to my PC (my streams last week were fine) so I have no clue what is going on. When I close OBS, I shoot right back up to 900 up/down.

What should I do?

Streamlabs: 0.24.1, internet crashes when stream starts
StreamElements:, internet crashes when StreamElements program is started and continues into stream

I am running at i7 10th gen with 16gb and a Super 2070.