OBS disconnects "Received FD_CLOSE"


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Hi :)

While streaming obs loses the connection and then reconnects within a few seconds.
Ive recently moved into a new apartment which came with the change of internet and router, its a fiber connection with 150 Mbit/s up.
The twitch bandwidth test suggests that the connection is good, done a lot of tests and got 100 quality for all but one server in europe.

During todays stream I ran startrinity and when obs lost the connection startrinity was doing fine still uploading the 10Mbits I set it to, I also pinged twitch.tv without any signs of internet failure.

So far I reset my streamkey, restarted my router, removed the router and connected directly to the fiber modem, allowed my PC to independently open ports, changed the server from automatic to berlin (which had lowest ping in the tests), opened port 1935, tried dynamic bitrate.

Other than OBS disconnecting I have not encoutered any issues with my connection and nothing else seems to disconnect (games, streams, other programs that use internet).

Im desperate for help since this is really ruining streaming for me :(


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I tried using a vpn and for whatever reason it solved the issue but sadly VPN comes with other problems...