1. N

    OBS Stream Disconnecting/ Reconnecting - WriteN, RTMP send error 10054

    Hi guys, I'm getting a constant disconnection from my Twitch stream through OBS, I don't seem to be getting any other connections errors in terms of videos games lagging or music stopping or stuttering. When I run the log reports I get a message saying WriteN, RTMP send error 10054 - Which...
  2. C

    Keep Disconnecting/Reconnecting when I start Streaming via Wi-Fi

    Pretty much as the title says, every time when I'm on Wi-Fi, I hit the "Start Streaming" button, and that green sqaure on the bottom right will turn red and I'll lose connection to my Twitch Stream. Even though I'm still connected to the internet and I have no issues with anything else. A popup...
  3. C

    OBS or stream keeps disconnecting without any crash reports

    Hello, so I currently have a problem where whenever I stream it starts randomly crashing/disconnecting in 3-6 minutes. Whenever this crash happens, no crash report or anything shows up, but it does just disconnect and reconnect. The only thing in my home that changed is my location and modem...
  4. R

    Observing disconnect during streaming from OBS after upgrade

    Hello Team, can someone help, I have started observing disconnect from OBS during streaming after upgrade, i have attached log. many thanks.
  5. F

    OBS Disconnecting and Reconnecting Issues

    For the past year, I've been having issues with OBS disconnecting and reconnecting. Recently, it got to the point that I can't even stream anymore. Not only does it disconnect and reconnect every minute or so, but the stream looks extremely glitched from the viewer's perspective on Twitch. I...
  6. E

    OBS Disconnecting and Reconnecting Issues

    My OBS while streaming to twitch keeps disconnecting and reconnecting at random times. I'm not sure if it even records crash reports when this happens so I can't seem to find a solution. My internet runs at 23Mbps or so wireless from the laptop (sadly no direct line in for this laptop). I tried...
  7. B

    Stream has been disconnecting randomly for 3 months now and I am tired of it

    I have been streaming in total for 2 years but have never had an issue with streaming. I have always been on an ethernet cable, I haven't changed my internet, and my pc has remained entirely the same. However in the past 3 months and counting my stream will randomly disconnect and reconnect...
  8. S

    My stream keeps disconnecting can someone help me

    i have a high endish pc if you need specs or anymore info let me know... The stream will disconect after like 10 or 30 mins of streaming and i cant figure out why, someone who understands the log file can you let me know...
  9. D

    disconnecting and reconnecting obs

    Hello, when I stream, the software connects and after a few minutes it disconnects for about 15 seconds and reconnects. how to solve the problem? thanks
  10. 4

    OBS Just disconnect randomly

    Hi, I'm having some problems with my OBS just keep disconnecting and reconnecting afterwards, I did reinstall my OBS and change my Ethernet Cable, Checked my router but the problem still occurs, please help me. I'll be posting some picture and I'll be posting my logs as well. I don't know if...
  11. B

    Bitrate drops to 0 when 2nd IP connection established

    About 2 week ago my twitch stream started dropping to 0 bitrate and I could not find out why. After continuous troubleshooting we posted a wireshark forum and this was the response that was received. "Two connections went to Twitch. Connection 1 () This is the one that stops in the middle. It...
  12. R

    Stream Keeps Disconnecting and Reconnetin

    So my stream disconnects and reconnects and this happens every five-thirty minute sometimes at the beginning of stream. I changed my output settings, I even bought something for ethernet and all but it didn't work, at first I assumed it was because of my hardware not being up to par but then I...
  13. F

    OBS Suddenly Disconnecting and Reconnecting in the middle of twitch stream.

    It never has done something like this before and I have no clue where the issue would be? Idk what to do https://obsproject.com/logs/tc4vs7_HJ-f0_nAx
  14. S

    OBS 28.0.3 dropping to 0kb/s disconnecting and reconnecting

    I've been streaming on Twitch since February on a wi-fi connection. You'd think that would be the cause of the following issue, but it didn't start happening until around last month or so. In short: my streams (not all, but most) will randomly drop to 0 kb/s, disconnect, and then reconnect...
  15. V

    RTMP sending errors, making stream disconnect, has been going on for almost a month now.

    So, whenever I stream at no specific point, stream will disconnect for a couple seconds and will go back, however, this has always made me lose a big potion of my viewers and has even made my vod split. I would really appreciate if someone could give me a solution for this problem once and for...
  16. kattiebugg95

    OBS keeps disconnecting

    https://obsproject.com/logs/9rGwkV32DiDHHmXY ever since I updated to the newest version of OBS it'll disconnect for up to 15 seconds and the reconnect. I've lowered my bitrate which hasn't seemed to help, my connection is strong. That's the newest log so hopefully it'll show what's happening on...
  17. M

    OBS disconnecting and reconnecting whilst streaming

    I've been streaming on Twitch for about 6 months and have recently in the last week started having Twitch show me as offline despite not ending a stream, and being shown a notification that OBS has disconnected and is trying to re-connect. Each stream it's happened in has been at different times...
  18. F

    Recently getting dropped frames when it was fine before

    hey! ill try make this short and simple just very recently i started streaming and for a while, it was going completely fine! i was streaming at 1080p60 with no issues with performance or connection, but recently ive been getting a lot of issues with dropped frames ill be honest im not very...
  19. B

    OBS disconnects "Received FD_CLOSE"

    Hi :) While streaming obs loses the connection and then reconnects within a few seconds. Ive recently moved into a new apartment which came with the change of internet and router, its a fiber connection with 150 Mbit/s up. The twitch bandwidth test suggests that the connection is good, done a...
  20. Dala

    OBS freezes / crashes when alt tab - Is this a Windows 11 issue or OBS issue? How to fix it?

    Hi all! I have been dealing with my stream crashing multiple times. I've noticed this usually happens when I tab in/out of the game to check chat on OBS or to use Chrome to change the music I'm listening to, or check on something else on twitch creator dashboard. What happens is that...