OBS immediately disconnecting and reconnecting upon clicking "Start Stream"


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Hi all,

So i set up my OBS to stream on Kick. Ran through a view Youtube videos on how to set everything up. When i went to test everything to make sure the stream looked okay i kept running into an issue. As soon as i click "Start Streaming" i get a series of messages on the bottom left portion of OBS. It will say it disconnected, then attempting to reconnect, then connected. After those 3 messages it just starts the cycle again.

As far as troubleshooting goes:
I have 700mb internet directly connected to my PC.
I have 64GB of Ram with an RTX 4080.
I tried multiple different encoders and got the same result.
I lowered my bitrate from 6000 to 3500.
i lowered the tuning settings and additional setting in the output section.
Verified that my server and stream key are correct.

Nothing that i try seems to work. Hoping that someone might have experienced this before? Thank you in advance!