1. M

    Bigger font CSS code for multistream chat

    So I am just beginning to use restream and botrix to stream to both kick and twitch for free. However the only issue I'm running into is that my chat is WAY to small. The space for my chat is small to begin with but it was working fine when I was streaming to just Twitch alone and I used...
  2. S

    OBS immediately disconnecting and reconnecting upon clicking "Start Stream"

    Hi all, So i set up my OBS to stream on Kick. Ran through a view Youtube videos on how to set everything up. When i went to test everything to make sure the stream looked okay i kept running into an issue. As soon as i click "Start Streaming" i get a series of messages on the bottom left...
  3. A

    My alerts dont show up on stream when i am live

    Hello , I wonder if someone can help me fix the alerts i have done everything correct i have the url and browers sources and when i test the follow alters it shows up but when i stream and someone follow it doesnt show up. What can i do more help me please , i stream on kick !
  4. W

    Any idea how to make my Apex Stream not turn into Roblox!?

    Been trying all sorts of settings to stream apex on kick and I'm just not having any luck anytime I get into gun fights my stream becomes pixelated and unbearable to watch. PC is AMD Ryzen 7 8 core, RTX2070, 16gb RAM. Attached are a few logs from some streams if someone could please guide me in...
  5. JonaSanz

    inestabilidad en el bitrate

    hola llevo desde hace unos meses queriendo hacer streaming en distintas plataformas pero tengo un problema en concreto yo actualmente tengo contratado 20 megas de subida sin que nadie los utilice a demas de mi pc , el problema que surge es que siempre que hago directos y ponga cualquier cantidad...
  6. zawx

    Problème de résolution.

    Bonjour, tout le monde, Je vous sollicite aujourd'hui pour un problème que je rencontre. Lorsque je souhaite changer ma résolution pour Stream a savoir sur la plateforme kick. Je ne peut accéder qu'a la résolution 7202p60. Malgré le faite que j'ai changer ma résolution et dans sortie et dans...
  7. B


    Would really like the ability to use OBS and Aircast to stream on Is that possible? Is it at least in the works?