Dropped Frames with a good and fast internet


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Hello guys, it's my first post and I'm not an OBS expert

I stream to Twitch often, always at 1080p60fps at 8000kbps, never had any problems and it always worked fine, however all of a sudden I started getting dropped frames (internet) even with a good connection, any idea what it could be?

note:I recently had a break in the fiber optic cables but they were fixed, I don't know if it could be related, but I'm leaving it here

I'm leaving images from my internet and frames



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You have a lot to fix. Please review and follow directions and recommendations on the analizer:

To better test the quality of your internet connection against twitch server, please use this tool:
Anything bellow 90 quality is bad and most probably an issue on your ISP.

The ISPs speed test don't verifies the rtmp protocol.