dropped frames when streaming

  1. MuckleG

    insane bitrate dropping

    im having some problems with my streams where my bitrate drops a lot of frames and i have no idea what to do whatsoever; a big help would be very appreciated. cant really tell if its my settings or not
  2. H

    Frames dropping in obs only when streaming fortnite pls help

    please help i started streaming fortnite in twitch when i start streaming the frames drop a lot in obs (4000 dropped frames!) but when i stream minecraft there is not problem at all the stream was running completely fine with no dropped frames please help i have a good internet connection...
  3. S

    Looking for a bit of help with dropped frames from log

    I have read over the threads with info on how to fix the dropped frames, but am still having issues. If anyone can take a look at this and let me know what I could do to help it I would greatly appreciate it! https://obsproject.com/logs/5XWPX4fC4KuedHLt
  4. S

    Been crashing recently with dropped frames

    I stream vr content to youtube and have had constant hiccups when it comes to dropped frames. Recently it has been disconnecting me from OBS then coming back then crashing again shortly after. Here is my log https://obsproject.com/logs/pO4RJvSkfrVmnSIZ
  5. N

    Error: YouTube is not receiving enough video to maintain smooth streaming. As such, viewers will experience buffering.

    I've Being streaming on youtube for a month and I used to have the default settings on and it worked well. But recently I've been having issues with streaming as the Msg shows and my stream keeps disconnecting. "YouTube is not receiving enough video to maintain smooth streaming. As such...
  6. W

    Sudden Waves of Dropped Frames

    Basically, I can stream at 6k constant bitrate anywhere between 1-4 hours. Then I start getting hit by these waves of dropped frames and a bitrate that hovers between 0-800, which then lasts for about 30 minutes to and hour. Until finally, my bitrate returns back to a stable 6k. This process...
  7. S

    Encoder Overload and High CPU Usage when using Butt with OBS Studio

    Hello! I recently started using Butt Encoder to stream audio at the same time I use OBS to stream into Facebook/Twitch, etc, using the Multiple Output and Advanced Scene Switcher plugins, but have been having issues with dropped frames and audio encoder issues. I looked at the CPU usage and...
  8. F

    Internet seems fine, but suddenly dropping frames.

    https://obsproject.com/logs/MC4ftgpXMNoqe4Rj ^ here's a log file from when I just tested this in Bandwidth test mode. I have a solid 20 mbps upload speed and 500 download with 15 ping. Usually I'm able to stream at 6k bits with no problems whatsoever. However yesterday my bitrate while...