obs lag

  1. Zylthar

    Stream lagging despite no dropped frames or in game lag.

    As the title says, my stream has random FPS drops despite no frame drops or skipped frames. No change in ANY settings seems to make it worse or better. I really am i my wits end. I've made a video trying to show my issues. Would be grateful if anyone had any insight. https://youtu.be/8nt3oo1WRwE
  2. J

    Lag/Stuttering Issues on recorded OBS Videos

    Hey everyone! Please Help! to make it short : My Recorded Videos have Lag or Stuttering I don't knot what to call it but it's not fluid. I researched entire google. I tried every single thing. Yes I did run it as Administrator and I tried all the suggested settings. I'm about to give up...
  3. Z

    OBS Studio is lagging my game when streaming

    Hi! I used OBS Studio a lot of time for my streams and it was always fulfil its purpose. My last stream was in August, there was no problem with it. Last friday, when I tried to stream GTA V (it's applies to every AAA kind of games) which I did a lot, the game started to dramatically lagging...
  4. Helltio Everygames

    Obs Lag on while playing and also on recordings

    I have a weird lag after playing for like 2 hours a game from ps4.I use el gato hd60s no windows 10,i play normally and after 30 minutes i can see the lag while im playing,of course i do record while i play,i played rockman 9 and that happen,it's weird since im not using software outside of obs...
  5. Y

    High CPU usage with Quicksync and x264

    Hello, My name is Yuvraj Gandhi and I am facing a issue that whenever I use obs to recrord my gameplays it always lags in the game even tough the encoder is on Quicksync(I game with my descrete Nvidia mx 250 but it does not have nvenc ) the cpu usage is still 10-20 percent and if i try to switch...
  6. A

    OBS Lag When My Laptop Plugged-In

    So when im not plug in my laptop, my obs run smoothly, no lag. but when i play game (i need to plug in my laptop to acivate my GPU) my obs run like this, and the record result will lag. Here is my problem Here is my recording result
  7. Z

    Recording laggy I don't find an issue

    Ive been recording using a lot of settings find on internet, i have already switch x264 for NVENC, but i got alltimes a laggy recording. Game not lagging but record yes (i don't tested the stream) My computer is new, maybe i need some handling to optimize him. My gpu and Cpu aren't at 100% in...
  8. S

    HELP!!! Stream one game but not another?

    I'm having an issue where I can stream Minecraft but not VALORANT and I don't know why. I'm streaming over an ethernet connection, and whenever I try to switch between the games, my bitrate tanks from ~4500 to 100, or even zero. This isn't only the issue with Minecraft though. If I was to be...
  9. N

    OBS video is laggy

    Hello, Yesterday I was searching for a solution to fix game capture black screen and I followed this guy steps. video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3tL-qhirJtI&t=2s I deleted OBS then I installed the old OBS version. After following all the steps he gave, the black screen is still showing...
  10. H

    Bug Report Upload Biterate fluctuate , while I have good upload internet speed

    Hello Sir My Ethernet upload speed is 30mbps, and i set OBS for 6000bits upload for 720p 30fps. Whenever I stream after one and half hours upload speed start to fluctuate in OBS from 1500 to 6500bits. I don't know why and after that my stream becomes lag . I always run obs as administrator ...
  11. R

    Question / Help Stream looks choppy but I cant figure out why.

    So my stream was running fine until a month ago but suddenly it started switching from a smooth 60 fps to a choppy like 30/40 fps feel. However, there is no fps drops according to the OBS. I run a dual stream pc setup with a capture card. I also fullscreen project my gamecapture / display...
  12. G

    Question / Help OBS Lagging

    I usually get 600 fps while playing minecraft but when i run obs im getting 30 fps can anyone help me? Im trying to record in 240 https://gyazo.com/19cd0738170d736d39e5e9f50e53524b https://gyazo.com/03f119cfc3720e00c8bd8d39d02aba80
  13. SpectreKid

    Question / Help OBS Studio Laggy Video when fps fluctuates?

    Hi OBS Forum, While I was using OBS Studio to record gameplay, I've noticed that the OBS Studio fps would lag when the FPS fluctuates. I don't know what is causing this issue, and it doesn't seem to be something wrong with my settings or my OBS configuration, said that I have altered my...
  14. H

    Question / Help Lag when recording Minecraft

    Usually when I don't record it goes to 90 fps, but when I start the rec it goes at 3 fps when fullscreen. I have a Macbook Pro mid 2014 (8 GB of ram, CPU i5 4278U) with Windows (bootcamp) installed, here's why I'm posting this in Windows Support section. Here there's the log...
  15. H

    Question / Help OBS Studio lagging NO STREAMING (both program itself and entire system, PC unusable)

    Hey lovely people, I ran into the strangest problem today. While researching why my display capture would break every stream for no apparent reason, I somehow managed to make the issue worse, and having OBS open now lags out my entire system. All sources in OBS lags, and using my computer...
  16. D

    Question / Help My Video Recording Is very Laggy

    Everytime i record with obs i end up getting a laggy video and the frames are very bad even tough my game runs above 60 fps. I am new to obs and i would like some help. Here are the logs https://obsproject.com/logs/Pbcjkz0zoa7cNHcY I have a Nvidia Geforce 1060 Intel Core i7-8750H CPU @ 2.20 GHz...
  17. B

    Question / Help Hello I have a problem with the obs.

    Welcome ! What is my problem? Well let me tell you! I have been trying for a while to make my settings for obs and tried all sorts of opt-in but unfortunately all failed. I have a lot of problems when doing live, but when I record something, it's like I'm dropping the fps very bad and it moves...
  18. P

    Question / Help OBS Encoding Overloaded!!!

    I've been getting this and havnt been able to use obs. All i wanted to do is stream at 60 fps and record on fortnite. Ive watched videos over and over for almost a year now. Nothing. I need help! My settings are 1280x720 both canvas and resolution. and fps 60. lowest settings. amd x264. i use 64...
  19. R

    Question / Help OBS Laggy/Choppy vs ReLive

    So for the past 48 hours I've been trying to get my stream running but have failed miserably. I get a ton of lag on my stream when I try to view it on my phone (others as well) but everything in game is fine. My upload speed is 11.65 mpbs and I've tried just about every OBS setting I could find...
  20. castro1825

    Question / Help Lag in Fortnite when OBS is open

    I was interested in start streaming and then I realized that when i had the OBS opened that my fortnite was lagging, i thought that was my settings in OBS then i stop streaming, i checked fortnite and i was lagging then i closed OBS and it was running just fine! CPU: i7-7700 CPU @ 3.60GHz GPU...