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Yesterday I was searching for a solution to fix game capture black screen and I followed this guy steps.
I deleted OBS then I installed the old OBS version. After following all the steps he gave, the black screen is still showing. because of this, I decided to give up and just record like before. I updated OBS from the old OBS version and my OBS settings are back to default. I changed the settings and started recording my game. While I was recording It did not lag at all but when I watched the video, The video was lagging. Before this, I did not encounter this problem at all. I also reinstalled OBS but still not working. Maybe it was because my settings were not same as before. Please help me fix this. (Sorry for my bad english)

Gameplay 2 months ago:

^ Log: OBS TEST 2
it was not smooth as before.

I also noticed that it did not lag when my obs is showing on my screen.
Here's the video:
0:00-1:12 - OBS showing on screen
1:13-2:01 - OBS is minimized
but still, the smoothness is not the same as the video I made 2 months ago.



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