video lag

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    Encoder is Dying no matter what fix I try p-p

    Hey people, my names Slushly I'm a minecraft Youtuber and I've been makin content for awhile. Back in February I bought a new PC to replace my old IMac to make better content and for awhile it worked flawlessly, but as of recent after I finish a recording over about 10 minutes in length a...
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    I want to record videos higher than 60fps but now my obs recordings are stuck at 30fps.

    I've watched tutorials on how to record high fps videos without lowering the refresh rate of my monitor, but no luck. I recorded about 3 videos and I've watched the recordings, it was 30fps and I don't know what happened. I don't have any problems with my PC and I just bought it last February...
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    Lag/Stuttering Issues on recorded OBS Videos

    Hey everyone! Please Help! to make it short : My Recorded Videos have Lag or Stuttering I don't knot what to call it but it's not fluid. I researched entire google. I tried every single thing. Yes I did run it as Administrator and I tried all the suggested settings. I'm about to give up...
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    Video lag

    Hi, everyone. I recorded a video about obs. Everything went smoothly in the game. After the recording was over, I noticed that the recording was lagging. I think maybe it has something to do with the obs settings. But all other games were never lagged. What I'm interested in: Can you still save...
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    OBS Lag When My Laptop Plugged-In

    So when im not plug in my laptop, my obs run smoothly, no lag. but when i play game (i need to plug in my laptop to acivate my GPU) my obs run like this, and the record result will lag. Here is my problem Here is my recording result
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    OBS video lagging from recording Minecrat

    I have recently downloaded OBS in an attempt to record some Minecraft videos, however when I tried to use display capture to record it (I’m using a macOS so cannot use game capture) it heavily lagged my computer. At first I searched for solutions for this but none would work. In the end I...
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    OBS video is laggy

    Hello, Yesterday I was searching for a solution to fix game capture black screen and I followed this guy steps. video: I deleted OBS then I installed the old OBS version. After following all the steps he gave, the black screen is still showing...
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    Question / Help Serious Lag when streaming in Mixcloud

    Hi , I’m hoping to receive my answer here. I’m a DJ looking to stream. I ran across a platform called Mixcloud where it’s uses a stream key which can be used in OBS. The audio is fine but it lags about 15-20 seconds behind. I have an HP laptop with an i5 no special graphics card pretty...
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    Question / Help Lag/Stutter on output using QuickSync

    Hello, ive been using OBS for a while now, just to record since i dont stream. I didnt have a graphics card, so ive always used x264 since my iGPU was running the games. However i now have a graphics card and according to everyone in the web QuickSync is some sort of magical thing that lets you...