Question / Help Serious Lag when streaming in Mixcloud


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Hi ,

I’m hoping to receive my answer here. I’m a DJ looking to stream. I ran across a platform called Mixcloud where it’s uses a stream key which can be used in OBS.
The audio is fine but it lags about 15-20 seconds behind.

I have an HP laptop with an i5 no special graphics card pretty standard laptop. Is there any settings or anything I can do to improve the lag. I notice on Facebook live I don’t have much lag if any but when I use obs for Mixcloud and twitch it’s a behind.


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Hey....don't know if you resolved but from my experience, Mixcloud is Still in Beta mode, they rushed to get some sort of streaming capability due to lockdown etc. I have used a few and I like Mixcloud.....I streamed Saturday and a couple of viewers commented about lag. I think we're just going to have to hope it improves and Mixcloud can iron out this issue.

I used Bandlab aswell and that was alot worse and the chat didnt show unless you refreshed which is a joke BUT had more of an audience so there are swings and round-a-bouts. I won't use Facebook or twitch due to their Lame copyright rigmaroles !!!