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    Mixcloud poor connect, Twitch great.... why?

    Background Info: I stream using OBS on a MacBook Pro Mid 2012, with Serato DJ on a secondary MacBook Air. My settings according to MixCloud match all recommended streaming settings in OBS. I run ethernet and have typically 500 Download and 50-70 Upload speed. Here's the issue: When I stream to...
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    Traktor/Mixcloud/OBS Cue issues

    I am live streaming DJ mixes using a Traktor S2 Mk3, connected via USB to my Laptop and running through Traktor Pro 3. I use Mixcloud to stream via OBS. This all works fine however one problem is OBS is broadcasting the sound I should only hear through my headphones when mixing - the tracks...
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    Question / Help Serious Lag when streaming in Mixcloud

    Hi , I’m hoping to receive my answer here. I’m a DJ looking to stream. I ran across a platform called Mixcloud where it’s uses a stream key which can be used in OBS. The audio is fine but it lags about 15-20 seconds behind. I have an HP laptop with an i5 no special graphics card pretty...