Mixcloud poor connect, Twitch great.... why?


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Background Info:
I stream using OBS on a MacBook Pro Mid 2012, with Serato DJ on a secondary MacBook Air. My settings according to MixCloud match all recommended streaming settings in OBS. I run ethernet and have typically 500 Download and 50-70 Upload speed.

Here's the issue:
When I stream to Mixcloud I consistently have very poor to no connection and dropping down to RED in kb/s indication of OBS resulting in loosing my live feed.
Here's the thing - if I use same settings of OBS but stream to TWITCH, it is perfect. No drop in connection ever.
*Why can I stream to Twitch with ease, but am suffering through MixCloud?

I have attached logs from both a short test MixCloud stream and a Twitch screen for your reference.

Thanks for any advice on this! I'm not super tech savvy so please bare with me.


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