Output on Mixcloud sounds 'tinny'.....lacking in bas


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We run an internet radio station and we are broadcasting to Mixcloud Live via the OBS Studio. There is nothing fancy about it. We use radio.co to host our station and by pressing play on the radio.co webpage (on Chrome, just the one tab open), our station plays. I use the desktop audio as an output and that them streams to Mixcloud Live. I'm using a really basic image slideshow as video

When I listen to the output on radio.co, the music sounds fine, but when I listen to it on Mixcloud Live, there seems to be no bass and sounds like it's broadcasting on a really cheap radio. This is a recent thing, as in the last day or so. It was fine over the weekend.

We broadcast on radio.co at 128kbps and the feed from OBS is the same.

I've rebooted and restarted OBS and there are no other audio devices linked to the PC, Bluetooth is also turned off.

Any suggestions?

Many thanks