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I am having issues with my bitrate not getting to 6,000 during my streams. I am not super tech savy but can figure out most issues. I 've researched everything I can about this issue, done everything I can find to do with no success. My last resort is posting here and calling my ISP. I called them today and I'll just leave it at, I hung up on them out of sheer frustration with having to speak with a call center who knew nothing about tech and was simply reading from a card telling me what to do, without actually listening to what I said the problem was.

I don't know what all information you need so I'll give you everything I can think of.

-Running most current version of OBS studio
--- Nothing has changed in my settings. Literally nothing. I deleted OBS, re-downloaded it, same problems.
-Latest internet test is:
Today Ping 9Download 882.68Upload 40.33
Yesterday Ping 9Download 926.49Upload 43.49
-I've attachd the Twitch Inspector results from streams
-My specs are:
Alienware Aurora R9
Intel Core i7-9700 CPU
GeForce RTX 2070
-My OBS settings are:


I'm not sure what other information you need specifically from OBS or my computer. If anyone can help me figure this out I would be so incredibly grateful. My streams are not the best quality due to this issue.

Thank you


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Tomasz Góral

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First resolution use 1080p.
Second internet is thousands diffrent network, use WinMTR to check routers from your home to twitch servers (you must know ip address twitch servers).
Keyframe set to 2, Psycho Visual Tuning uncheck.