1. ATron

    Bitrate Problems, any suggestions or help.

    Hello everyone, I am new to streaming, and I am having some problems with bitrate. I just recently moved to another country and am a bit confused about the bitrate. I used to have great internet with, 10000+ Kbps. Now at my new place, using the Twitch Bandwidth Test tool, the best Kbps I am...
  2. Socrayt2

    Caida de obs 0kb/s

    Hola buenas noches desde hace ya 2 meses tengo el problema que de repente el obs tiene caída a 0 kb/s , esto solo pasa en mi laptop con la que stremeo , no pasa en mi otra pc , lo eh probado a la misma hora y solo pasa en mi laptop con la que streameo ( hago stream a 2 pc's) aqui esta el...
  3. NickA

    Dropped frames. Whats wrong with PC?

    I've narrowed the issues down to the PC, but I'm not sure what part of it or what needs to be fixed/ replaced. Streaming off my laptop with the same ethernet has 0 dropped frames. So something is wrong with this desktop. Recently built this with all new parts
  4. NickA

    Dropped Frames even with Fiber

    speeds are amazing, connection should be great; its fiber lol. so why am i still getting buffering on my streams/ dropped frames? gotta be a settings thing right? even have a new Ethernet PCIE card in my new computer. Current Log: this is a short...
  5. H

    Best setup for recording Internet Tab

    Hi, I'm recording a video where I'm trying to capture an Internet tab - the desirable quality I want to achieve is at least HD but no matter what settings I use the small details seem to be blurred. I'm gonna use the material to create Youtube content. Here's an example that's the image from my...
  6. M

    OBS requires me to start stream and restart

    So I am running into this weird issue where I am having massive frame drops (like 50%) when I first start streaming and it will continue until I manually stop stream and start it again. TwitchTest is telling me my connection quality is 100 and the logs have a lot of errors but the errors are...
  7. S

    "OBS Disconnected" or "Disconnected from Server"

    I have been having this problem for a while now and wondering if anyone could help, my stream will be going fine *internet never has issues* and will just randomly drop to 0 bitrate and my stream will disconnect. any idea what could be causing this and or if there is any fix. My log is below if...
  8. V

    Bizarre issue referring to ping

    Hello. I know issues like this are brought up all the time, but I can't find answers for my specific issue. Basically my download drops from 550mbps down to 50mbps as well as my ping jumping from 19 to 300+. The thing is this is simply when OBS is open as I don't stream on the same pc I play...
  9. R

    Low Bitrate

    I am having issues with my bitrate not getting to 6,000 during my streams. I am not super tech savy but can figure out most issues. I 've researched everything I can about this issue, done everything I can find to do with no success. My last resort is posting here and calling my ISP. I...
  10. D

    Connection problems with OBS

    I've posted this problem before with no success or help so I'm making this report again to see if anyone has any ideas. For literally every single program I use, I have absolutely perfect internet connection. I have a download speed of 40mps and an upload speed of 17mps. However, when...
  11. S

    Sudden Low Bitrate With Good Internet Speeds?

    Log - I've been streaming with OBS just fine and for some reason since yesterday the dropped frames have been horrendous even though the internet is fine and i can screenshare to vcs on discord with no issues. I tried switching servers, enabaling...
  12. T

    OBS is dropping Frames even with dynamic Bitrate enabled

    Hey, OBS still drops frames even though I have dynamic bitrate enabled. Is this a display bug from OBS or is the feature not working for me?I've been having problems with my internet for a while now, my ISP has already been informed but I'd still like to be able to stream normally as best I can...
  13. I

    Streaming repeteadly Disconnect and Riconnect

    Good Morning, from more than a week I had a problem with the streaming. From one day to another after few minutes I start the live OBS starts to disconnects and tries to reconnect to the stream, if it succeeds after a few more minutes the thing happen again. I read on the internet, and on your...
  14. Giercownik__

    Weird issue regarding Dropped Frames because of "internet"

    Hey, to start it off I am fairly new to streaming, and lately I've been having this issue where I would just stream, and from time to time my stream's upload speed drops (I can see it coming down from the 6000kbps to 2200kbps on the bottom left of my Streamlabs OBS I don't know what it's called)...
  15. X

    I have a good pc and internet but mi streams is lagging

    Hi! as it says in the title, i have a good pc and internet but mi streams is lagging. I don't know why that happens because around 2 weeks mi streaming was very good, but one day to another it started to go wrong. this is the log file: I have not...
  16. T

    i get lags when streaming

    sometimes my csgo viewmodel is a bit laggy, but not the whole game itself, i don't seem to be lagging myself, just my viewmodel, sometimes my internet slows down and stuff every time i stream idk why, my internet speed is "very fast" it says, 400/8-12 (comcast or xfinity) when i use like 5000...
  17. M

    Obs makes my internet crashes

    Hey ! Can someone help me please? I never had issues before and now i can't stream with more than 2k biterates or my internet crashes. I had the default value before 4k or 6k and it was fine so i don' t really understand what's the issue...
  18. K

    Help with low bitrate but good internet speed

    I started streaming recently and had a lot of problems with my wifi connection. (Hardware can't be the problem because it's high end) I tested my internet connection and i get a max. of 9mbit/s upload. (It may drops sometimes) The thing is even when i have my stream on 720p60 and at a 2000 -...
  19. A

    Stream consistently keeps disconnecting-(successfully)reconnecting every 2/5mins

    Based on the title given: - My internet is doing fine (35up, 35 down) - Output settings: - Stream: Twitch, Tokyo Region - Bandwidth Test: - Logs to my OBS:
  20. S

    Internet ist sehr gut aber das streamen geht nicht ohne Einbrüche

    Hallo, ich bin Luca und Streame in meiner Freizeit. Da ich nun auf Twitch umgestiegen bin, habe ich mir OBS heruntergeladen und alle Einstellungen für das beste Erlebnis angepasst. Jedoch ist das streaming sehr ruckelig und verpixelt, manchmal fällt due Verbindung auch auf 0. Mein internet hat...