OBS is dropping Frames even with dynamic Bitrate enabled


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OBS still drops frames even though I have dynamic bitrate enabled. Is this a display bug from OBS or is the feature not working for me?I've been having problems with my internet for a while now, my ISP has already been informed but I'd still like to be able to stream normally as best I can. Performance is more important to me than quality, so it wouldn't matter to me if the bitrate is sometimes a bit lower. I stream with a bitrate of 6000 and have network optimization and dynamic bitrate enabled. The lowest I could get was 1100kb/s. The box next to the bitrate was then also red and frames were dropped. Can you maybe help me?

My System:
OS: Windows 10
RAM: 10 GB
GPU: Gigabyte Radeon RX 590
CPU: intel i5-3350P
OBS: Original OBS Studio

Log File: https://obsproject.com/logs/1GIhKMtymxTWXbsv


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That is an old, under-powered CPU for real-time video encoding. And you are trying to do 60fps? and color key?
then again, no encoding/rendering lag, so maybe a non-issue?
Regardless you should beware and monitoring hardware resource utilization, especially in case driving CPU to sustained 95+% utilization

That log isn't showing dynamic bitrate changes as I'm used to seeing (but not my area of expertise)
Then again, nothing dynamic can do if you loose the connection altogether...
05:41:22.768: Output 'simple_stream': Number of dropped frames due to insufficient bandwidth/connection stalls: 644 (5.2%)

Are you SURE nothing else is using your bandwidth?