Bad Quality When Moving


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Can someone help? Ive been streaming since June and the quality of my vods do not looks great... I even got a new pc a few days ago and its still not awesome... (I have a test account I did some streams on if u want me to give u the name of it to check the vods)

Above are what I have in my OBS.
My specs:
4070 ti
64 gb

I mainly stream Minecraft and have a resolution of 1920x1080

I thought I got a good pc to run al the settings below, but maybe I don't? I tried lower quality settings and it still does not look good.

The main problem is when I move in game, it starts to get pixely. When I stand still its fine... You would think that would be a bitrate thing but it's not cause its at 8000.

My internet is also amazing with it having 825 Mbps download speed and 709 Mbps upload speed

I tried changing servers for my stream too... please let me know if anyone has suggestions!