1. L

    Fps drops when i use Fractional Fps

    Hi When im using Fractional fps ( 240/1, 144/1 and etc.) my fps in game drops from 1500 to 100 (minecraft), its not my pc issue, because when im using Common fps (60), all is good, theres no any fps drops. I tried to update gpu drivers, change obs version to old one, change obs settings but...
  2. P

    OBS Recording for Minecraft Lags / Freezes / Stutters

    Hello, I have been tinkering around with settings for obs and minecraft for a while now, and they still lag spike every few seconds. I have my logs and everything, I hope obs has some good members or admins to help... Logs: https://obsproject.com/logs/BvAI5cHYWN4cZcj0 It would really mean the...
  3. M

    Running OBS keeps crashing my game

    I'm unsure why, but running OBS completely crashes my minecraft. I've tried playing around with combatability settings however nothing is working. How can i fix this as it wasn't an issue before?
  4. SpiritKnight

    best setting for my obs for streaming and recording Minecraft and other game

    hello guys i have a pc consisting of components such as I5 - 10400f 16 gb ram 3200 MHz 500gb SSD 2 TB HDD GeForce RTX 3060 (8 GB varient) thats all and my network is preety bad right now but i am getting a upgrade soon (so please suggest for both if possible)(i attached a file as a image) can...
  5. D

    OBS Bugging with shaders

    Hello I have a problem with obs I wanted to know if someone can help me the problem is when i start a transmission or a minecraft recording with shaders the transmitted or the recording hangs when i move the mouse like some glites, how can i solve it i've tried to update the driver, I removed...
  6. V

    The screen is too Wide (Minecraft)

    Hello! Whenever I open OBS to record Minecraft, the footage is too big for the window, so I have to scale it and morph it until it looks like in the attached image. However, the rectangle in the attached image looks very bad. Is there any way I can fix this? (Image attached shows you what I mean)
  7. I

    Minecraft mouse stutter when open OBS.

    Recording in 1080p (60fps) I used to record Minecraft (Java Edition 1.8.9) with OBS Studio, then I took a break like a few months. Now when I open OBS, my Minecraft would stutter when I move my mouse around. When I don't move my mouse, it doesn't stutter. Even with high FPS. When I close OBS...
  8. M

    OBS / Minecraft colors are wrong, no matter what...

    So I have a this problem with OBS and/or Minecraft where the colors shown on OBS (and elsewhere) are different than what I see in-game. Now I would just show you 2 screenshots so you can see what I'm talking about, but any way I try to capture the game on my computer, the colors come out...
  9. L

    OBS Crashing Minecraft With Game Capture

    Hi, I am on a windows 7 computer and am trying to use game capture. The problem is that when I select Minecraft it crashes the game (Minecraft). Even if I launch Minecraft first and then open OBS it still crashes it. Does anyone know how to fix this???
  10. r_ad

    screen tearing in-game but only when obs is open (minecraft)

    basically, whenever I'm using obs I have to make sure to minimize before opening Minecraft java edition otherwise, the 2 programs will interfere with each other causing mouse lag and screen tearing. this is also probably because I only have one monitor. if I had 2 I could put each program on...
  11. C

    Best settings for high quality Minecraft videos

    I want my videos to look clean and crisp like other Minecraft content creators. I've tried fiddling with the settings and I'm not sure if my problem is my settings, my hardware, davinci resolve, or youtube and I was hoping the community could help me find out. Hardware: Ryzen 7 2700X Eight core...
  12. P

    OBS shows black screen when trying to capture Minecraft

    So I tried capturing Minecraft in obs and I keep getting a black screen. I tried the following: - Select high performance for both obs, java and javaw in graphics setting - Set power plan to high performance in the control panel - Set power management mode to high performance in the nvidia...
  13. P

    OBS Quality is DooDoo in Minecraft Recording

    Hello! I am a minecraft content creator (ProFireSparx) and I make Minecraft content. I use this mod client called Lunar Client to enhance the looks of my game. It looks fine on my monitor, but when I record it with OBS, it is very wierd as far as quality goes... I use 999,999 kbps in CBR for my...
  14. Y

    not clear recording

    hi im am trying to get a good recording setup. i have the base cavans the same as my screen 1080p with 100 fps and CBR 200.000 but i still dont get the same picture as my screen can anyone help?
  15. S

    Lunar Client Capture Issues

    I use OBS studio on windows, and I'm trying to capture Lunar Client (which is a Minecraft launcher) gameplay. I can see the game when I click on game capture, in the preview, but it doesn't turn up on the actual capture window, and if I record it doesn't capture. I've spent hours on youtube and...
  16. willaguirre04

    Frozen screen in recording, but works in preview.

    Disclaimer: I've already tried the fixes in the similar threads at this post, this post, and this post. They didn't work. I'm on an ASUS Zephyrus with an NVIDIA 3060 and an i9. I've been trying to record Minecraft Java (Lunar Client), but my recordings won't work. Initially, I tried using Game...
  17. N

    It used to be fine?

    Hi there, I streamed minecraft once and it ran like a dream. No dropped frames or lag at all! One day I return to stream again and my kb/s is at 0 and my stream won't even start. - GeForce Drivers have been updated - Framerates have been capped and lowered in games and OBS Here are my Specs...
  18. C

    Minecraft (1.8+) Crashes When Using OBS

    Whenever the screen is captured when OBS and Minecraft are open, Minecraft will immediately crash. I use Lunar Client and this only occurs on 1.8+. It works perfectly for 1.8. It always happens immediately after, not a minute or a few minutes. I don't have to click record, it's just whenever the...
  19. R

    what are my best obs settings?

    I mostly record minecraft but I get the encoding overloaded message everytime. Output Mode Advanced Encoder: NVIDIA NVENC H.264 (NEW) Rate Control: CQP, Level 13, keyframe 0, Preset Quality, Profile main, No look-ahead and Psycho Visual Tuning. GPU 0, Max B-Frames 0. Video: Base 1920x1080...
  20. J

    Minecraft Recording Issues (Please help!)

    So I have been trying to record Minecraft Challenge Videos and while recording I have managed to get smooth frame rate while playing, but then when I go back to watch the recording it is very choppy and I have tried a lot of things to fix this issue. I view the videos using QuickTimePlayer, so I...