Questions about Keyframes


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Hey, I've been trying some OBS settings for quite a while to record Minecraft gameplay in 240 fps and I'm wondering what's keyframe and if there's a recommanded second for it to use to record in 240 fps.
I'm recording in 240 fps and not 60 to use a frameblending feature on Premiere Pro 24 & to give my gameplay a smoother look.

Suslik V

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I didn't met recommendations for keyframes interval on this forum but this:

The setting is encoder dependent. It may affect quality of the recording in both ways: artifacts known as "keyframe pumping" (slow degradation and insertion of high quality IDR frame) and unnamed reverse effect (low quality keyframe insertion, that causes pulsating feel of the footage with frequency of keyframe intervals). There were posted some video examples on this forum with low quality keyframe insertion artifacts (in this old threads, for example: and, of course, since this time a lot of things changed. The size of the IDR frame ("keyframe") is limited by special encoder's buffer and specific to encoder implementation and some other settings of the encoder ("level" for x264 encoder or similar settings). So, inserting keyframes too often also is not a best idea for encoders that uses P and B frames.

For local recordings no other disadvantages known. So, if you don't see the difference - leave it at default (usually about 1-2 keyframes per second).