1. MountainTiger144

    Obs opens when playing minecraft?

    When playing minecraft and crouching "SHIFT" and pressing left "A", OBS opens up which is very annoying when speed bridging which makes me instantly fall off and die! Is there any way to fix this? To disable the shortcut?
  2. O

    Game feels like 30 fps while OBS is open

    This is my first forum post so I'm sorry for any mistakes. I'm trying to record Minecraft, and so, I open up OBS and it's like all the motion blur is gone. It's like the screen is tearing, it feels extremely rough. I feel like my PC is not the problem (5600 XT, Ryzen 5 3600). The screen tearing...
  3. G

    Really Bad quality on Minecraft recordings

    Hi and thank you for reading this and trying to help me. Anyways, putting this in as short words as possible I get really bad quality on my Minecraft recordings to the point where it's unwatchable at all. I've read other people question about the same topic and most of the answers are Canvas...
  4. M

    OBS (and Streamlabs OBS) minecraft crash "Fix"

    First of all, I'm not english so please don't blame me if I miss-spell something! c-c Hi everyone, I hope you are doing great! I registered to the forum literally to stop this endless bugs&fixes battle against minecraft and OBS. Note: this situation may be different based on system...
  5. D

    Obs Causes Minecraft to Crash

    I am a regular youtube steamer and I am experiencing a problem where obs seems to make Minecraft crash as soon as it captures it My obs is up to date and I have already contacted the Minecraft team and they told me it's something to do with obs studios and pls help me as Minecraft won't start...
  6. M

    Minecraft lag

    Hello, I want to become a youtuber, and my dream is 1M subscribers. I started Minecraft, and launched obs. I didn't change any settings. I just plain hit record, and it was smooth gameplay, but when I watched the video, it LAGGED like crazy. My laptop is : intel core i7, 2.60ghz, and 20gb RAM...
  7. R

    Can't capture Minecraft

    When I add Minecraft to the game capture, it becomes a tiny at the top left corner, and when I transform it to fit the screen, I can see the red outline, but the capture is just a black screen.
  8. P

    I can't record minecraft with obs studio

    so I was recording epic minecraft but when I saw obs to see if it was recorded, it said it was not right url or something like that. can you explain me why that happens/and how to fix it?
  9. Glizzard

    good PC, bad Minecraft recording quality

    Hello! I bought a new PC for € 1700 a few months ago. (Intel i7 9700KF / RTX 2070 SUPER / 32Gb RAM). In addition a 100Mbits line. That should be enough for a good stream and video quality. However, it doesn't. With well-known YouTubers or streamers, the picture looks very good on the PC...
  10. B

    Minecraft Hiding UI (F1) not recorded

    I was recording Minecraft gameplay, and in-game I hid the UI with F1, however OBS did not capture that. It still shows the UI. I used Game Capture and Minecraft fullscreen.
  11. rheido

    Record and replay buffer won't work

    Hey everyone, I want to record Minecraft at 240 FPS (replay Buffer and 240 FPS makes sense in this case because 240 instead of 60 is really cool for slowmos and montage stuff which is what I want xd). The Problem is: when I want to stop the replay buffer or save the replay OBS won't do and just...
  12. A

    Best Recording settings for x264

    My specs: amd ryzen i7 3700x msi radeon rx 570 8 gb ram: 16 gb power supply : 750 watts that should be all that matters here, but please correct me if I'm wrong. Since OBS doesn't give me the option to record using my GPU, I have to use x264. I...
  13. M

    how can i fixing lags during recording

    Hi everyone! I want to record gameplays for youtube. Streaming on twitch works fine but when i want to record i have always muliple laggs. I want to recorde Minecraft Windows 10 Edition. My Log File is attached! Has anyone an solution to fix them? I've tried to ask Google but dont found any...
  14. T

    HUGE Frame Drop when Streaming?

    Recently I've been setting up OBS for streaming on Twitch. The game I'm planning on streaming is "Minecraft." When OBS isn't open, I can usually get up to 180+ frames on Minecraft, which is surprisingly good for my low-end PC. But once I open up OBS, I instantly drop down to around 60 FPS or...
  15. Epic Gamer Time

    My minecraft game play lags hard with obs.

    Please help, when I record my minecraft game play it lags hard with obs. Can you tell me good settings for obs so it wont lag and I can record and stream. (Btw I have windows 8.1) Here is my recent log file: https://obsproject.com/logs/1W468mZULN4qpXdV
  16. A


    Im trying to record Minecraft, but whenever i go into fullscreen (f11) the recording zooms in. Any way to fix? or will i just have to play in windowed full svreen? any solutions are appreciated!
  17. J

    My window doesn't fit inside OBS - they're both the same size, but a portion of the window is cut off.

    I was setting up OBS to record Minecraft (using Badlion) - I custom-set the resolution of Badlion to 2048x1152 (because I have a MacBook Pro 16" running BootCamp), which fits perfectly into my screen, with the remaining 1/10th of the vertical screen used for the title bar and task bar. Here's my...
  18. S

    I can't stream Minecraft with Streamlabs OBS!

    I can't stream Minecraft with Streamlabs OBS I don't know why. I have Game Capture with capture specific window. So I don't know what the problem is. Please come back with an answer. -sebiscool-
  19. Canadian_Gamer23

    Which recording settings is good for my laptop?

    Hi, I want to record minecraft on my Dell Latitiude E7440. Here are the specs: -Intel Core i7 4600 CPU 2.10hz -Intel Integrated HD 4400 Gaphics -1920 X 1280 60hz monitor I want to know which encoder I should use for recording.
  20. Z

    [LOG FILE INCLUDED] Minecraft Inventory FPS Drop

    Log file: https://obsproject.com/logs/h0F5SaA3LfRxoFGG So I'm recording at 30FPS and using VSync on minecraft to get a relatively stable 60FPS in game. As soon as I open my inventory however or any other sort of GUI, FPS drops dramatically to like 20 and then stabilizes back to 30. Any idea why...