Obs makes my game laggy even at max fps (Minecraft)


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Hello, my issue is that whenever OBS is open (not recording, just opened), Minecraft will be laggy even if my fps ingame are good enough (it is only with Minecraft, others games are working well). I searched a lot and a lot but I did not find anything to help me.
For example : Only Minecraft is open, I'm at 165hz and it feels like it, if OBS is also open it will instantly feels like 60fps but my fps ingame are still constantly 165hz, and when I close it, the game instantly goes back like it felt before it was open. I'll not say what I already did, in case I did it badly. I'm just sure I already tried OBS on Admin and it didn't change anything.
Also, I have the exact same issue with Streamlabs OBS.
Thanks you a lot


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