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    Question / Help OBS Studio v22.0.2 Black Screen for Minecraft game capture. Help!

    Recently, I tried to record some Minecraft gameplay, only to see that OBS wasn't capturing the game whatsoever. I tried reinstalling OBS, removing and adding the game back as a source, and even tried looking up common reasons why it might happen. All to no prevail. Nvidia Shadowplay is able to...
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    Question / Help MInecraft Lag when OBS is open

    Hey all, So my problem is this: just starting working with OBS to try and do some recording, all well and good. Sorted out the settings, that was all fine. But when I went to play some Minecraft, the title screen is so laggy that it's impossible to use. I don't know exactly what my FPS was, but...
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    Question / Help Minecraft Recording Problems

    I have OBS for windows 10, as well as Minecraft, with an Acer computer with an Intel 7th gen core. Whenever I go to play Minecraft, record it, whatever, it plays perfectly fine, but it is EXTREMELY laggy in the replay that I watch while I'm editing the video for my Youtube channel. It didn't...
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    Bug Report Minecraft (demo) crashing when switching between fullscreen to windowmode

    Hey, Minecraft is crashing while using OBS (recording). just switching from window mode\fullscreeen (1-2 times) and the game crash. from minecraft log file (see attached log file + dumpfile (link) + dxdiag): Dump file
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    Question / Help Minecraft isn't working with OBS!

    Every time i try recording Minecraft (keep in mind i'm using the latest version of OBS), OBS makes it go from (not responding) to responding, and won't let me play. I tried even adding the whole "activate Open GL" so it would work with it. But i can't get Open GL for rendering (i don't know how...
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    Question / Help Minecraft FPS drops, output smooth, very few encoding overload

    No matter i record or stream, no matter what how large the bit rate is (tested between 1000 - 10000), my Minecraft fps still drops like from averagely 50 to averagely 25. The recorded video and stream are smooth. Is there a reason for that FPS drop? How would i fix it? Also, i tried using other...
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    Question / Help Minecraft Recording and Streaming Problem

    Lately, when I try to record or stream Minecraft the stream/recording has been doing this weird thing where it would zoom in and out whenever I move. I have no idea if the problem is with obs or Minecraft which is why I have no idea what the problem is. I also dont care much about quality since...
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    Bug Report Minecraft lag when fullscreen

    Hey guys. So whenever I stream/record Minecraft as fullscreen I drop from 300 fps+ to 20 fps for some reason I watched a lot of videos and googles and researched and couldn't find a fix please help I want to stream fullscreen. LOG: https://gist.github.com/fe5f60ad48832081c35f195b30c13579
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    Question / Help If I try to open Minecraft Forge 1.8.9 when OBS is open, Minecraft crashes. Help!

    I really want to use forge when recording. but I can't! Please help.