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Whenever I stream or record, i get these wierd visual glitches on the recording, not while I am playing. It shows that i lag back sluightly about every half a second. It looks wierd and buggy. Here is a recording:
Please help!


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I have the same problem as you, though its not as bad
Even when I change the bitrate to 100 and the quality to its lowest, it doesn't change
Though I have a theory...

I think that lagging back isn't based off of your OBS settings, or anything related to OBS, but instead related to your in-game lag/quality, and how heavy the game is on your computer. The reason I think this is because sometimes as soon as I load into a world/lobby in Hypixel, the lagbacks are really bad, but start to decrease when I'm in the lobby for longer.

I did some testing on just switching in an out of worlds and moving to check how much lagbacking was happening, then checking the lag after staying in a lobby for a while, until the actual in-game lag reduced.

( here is that video: )

So just test minimizing your in-game settings, if they're already at the lowest, all I can say is that the problem might be that the game is heavy on your computer/lagging, therefore making OBS lag more.

This might make completely no sense at all to some ultra hyper OBS tech god reading this, but its just what I found out. Hope this helps out :)