Question / Help Laggy Output Video


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So I built my PC a few months ago, just using OBS to record a few test videos. I'm amazed at how smooth the video is and the great quality - Minecraft Full screen. I come back a few days later and do another test video because my mic arm arrived but the video was very bad. The image was good, but the video was very choppy with low FPS. The game itself runs normally smooth but when I watch the output, the video is very choppy. When I record in windowed or full screen windowed (full screen with task bar at the bottom) the game runs fine but when I press F11 the playback gets a lot choppier. I've even tried game capture instead of window capture but it doesn't make a difference the quality. Note- I have not changed any of my setting on OBS, the only thing I have done with my PC since the video quality was fine was download a couple of steam games and OBS Streamlabs, which I have now uninstalled. My specs are: RYZEN 2600, RTX 2070, 16GB RAM. Thankyou for your time.