Minecraft huge lags while using OBS


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Hello, I have a big problem with FPS and I absolutely do not understand why. This happens only when I'm recording the Minecraft with OBS. I recently bought this laptop: Acer Nitro V15 product which has an RTX 4050 and an Intel Core i5-13420H. When I turn on Minecraft (the normal version without optifine). Sometimes, it crashes and if it doesn't crash then i get super lags something like 15-20 FPS which I don't understand why. This laptop should be good, right? I'm also using this texture pack if it's helps to fix this issue somehow https://texturespack.com/fresh-animations-resource-pack/ Can someone please help me? I have VSync turned off and render distance to 10.. Thanks a lot


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don't ignore the pinned post in this forum regarding posting OBS Studio log from Recording/Streaming session

and the most powerful computer can still be overloaded depending on what all else is running, settings, etc
And then there is thermal throttling which is far more prevalent on laptops than desktops

Did you use OBS Studio auto-configured settings, or did you follow some YouTube video on 'optimum settings' ?