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Minecraft: Java Edition Troubleshooting

By default, Minecraft: Java Edition will run on the Power Saving GPU instead of the High Performance GPU which will prevent Game Capture from working on multi-GPU systems like laptops and all-in-ones. This troubleshooting guide will provide instructions on how to change the GPU Minecraft is running on so that it is compatible with the Game Capture source.


Make sure OBS Studio is closed before you begin!

  1. With Minecraft running, open Task Manager by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Escape on your keyboard. In Task Manager, find the entry for Minecraft (which is commonly called Java(TM) Platform SE binary, OpenJDK Platform binary, or Zulu Platform x64 Architecture) and right click it, then select Open file location
  1. A File Explorer window will open up with Minecraft already selected, usually called javaw or javaw.exe. Right click on this while holding Shift and click the Copy as path option.
  1. Click here to open your Graphics settings. Alternatively, you can right click on your Desktop, select Display settings, scroll down in the settings window that opens, and select Graphics
  1. Click the Browse button and paste the path that you copied in step 2 in the File Explorer window that opens, then click the Add button
  1. Click the Options button below the new Minecraft entry you have just added, select the High performance option, click Save, then restart Minecraft if it is open
  1. Open OBS Studio and set your Game Capture mode to Capture specific window, then select Minecraft from the Window dropdown