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    Question / Help Capture Card weird pixel lines

    Just got this capture card off Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/AGPTEK-Capture-Streaming-Recorder-Compatible/dp/B074863G59/ref=sr_1_4?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1549321322&sr=1-4&keywords=streaming+capture+card video reviews say it's really good and the test footage looks great, but for some...
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    Question / Help Please help me, I’m trying to stream over Facebook and my video quality gets blurry/pixelated when I move.

    Hi everyone, i would like to stream on Facebook, YouTube, twitch, etc. I’ve tried to stream on Facebook and the video quality is blurry when I move or pixelated, that’s the only fact stops me from doing my it (stream). I have a very good PC i7 8700k, Nvidia gtx 1080 (it’s a good pc, worth btw...
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    Question / Help OBS Lagging and freezing on streams +Pixelated image

    So,i tried to stream for honor on Twitch w/OBS but if i get a high Bit Rate it freezes and if i get a lower bit rate it just turns into minecraft. I have a good PC and i don't understand why it freezes like this I edited now and every match i go it has a bad connection (i think its only on twitch)
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    Question / Help Pixelated streams

    So I recently picked up streaming, and as I was playing older or lower quality games, I really didn't see the pixelation at first, but now I'm slowly moving into bigger and newer games, and whenever I move in a game, it just gets extremely pixelated and blurry, only for it to completely...
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    The title basically says it all. I was wondering if anyone could help me with this? Sometimes it comes out ok, but when it does show pixels it usually tends to be in low-light areas and even when it is just pixely in general it shows 10x worse when it's darker. PC Specs -------------- GPU ...
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    Question / Help Pixelated stream when moving around?

    Hey, my problem is about pixelated stream. I usually stream fortnite and whenever i start moving the quality goes pixelated and bad. I have 100 up and down internet, so my bitrate is maxed. Resolution is 1080p 60fps. Anyhow i can fix it? Im streaming using NVENC. For some reason when i tried...
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    Question / Help Scaling causes pixelated overlays

    So I made a new overlay recently and I saw that the overlay was HIGHLY pixelated. Taking into consideration I fixed the overlays resolution and nothing happened. Next I went ENABLED hardware acceleration in Chrome again and the picture was slightly better (Firefox was ok Opera was not). Next i...
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    Question / Help Poor quality, blur when there is movement, 6k bite 60fps

    Hi all. I'm having poor picture quality on live streaming. this includes blurring, lack of sharpness in details (written for example) and when the camera is moving. This also generates an enormous lack of fluidity. I play RPG with fast movement with many details and fast scenes that move on...
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    Question / Help Pixelated Stream no matter what config

    Hi, i get a very pixelated stream. no matter what i try My PC specs Intel Core i7700K Nvidia 1070 8gb 16gb RAM i use nvenc coder 6000 bitrate(speed = 200up 200down) high quality high ——————————- Downscaling Input 1920x1080 Output 1280x720 lanczos 60fps ——————————- no matter what i touch...
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    Question / Help Pixelated stream?

    So I have been having this trouble where my game runs perfectly fine and smooth, and the stream runs smooth, but when lots of movement appear in-game, the stream becomes pixelated, here is an example; https://clips.twitch.tv/SweetFrailBatShazBotstix I have looked up many tutorials on the perfect...