Question / Help Streaming with AMD Encoder Blurry?


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Hello guys .... im currently streaming with a single pc . My stream stats are set to 0% errors ... my network bandwith is okay ... but my streams seems to be pixelated and some kind of blurry ... both for youtube & twitch . There are any special settings for the AMD Encoders? I tried everything .... experts say that the AMD encoder is bugy from AMD drivers to everything .

CPU AMD 8 threats 3.8ghz
RAM 16gb 3600ghz
Bitrate : tried everything from 3000 to 6000 kbps .

any solutions?


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From the 3 available hardware encoders (nvenc, quicksync, amd vce), amd vce is the one with the least quality. So it may be that it is more grainy and blurry than other streams you encounter.


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yep .. thats what i thought . amd didnt work properly for the streaming services....even with the RELIVE encoder of AMD stream has exact the same quality...its not unwatchable but its a kind of blury/pixeled