1. qualabs

    OBS AMD AMA Plugin 0.0.1

    About This plugin enables Hardware Acceleration encoding in AVC/H.264, HEVC/H.265 and AV1 using the AMD Alveo™️ MA35D. Pre Requisites In order to use the plugin it is necessary to have the following requirements on your PC: Linux Ubuntu 22.04 OS with Kernel version 5.15.0-92 or greater At...
  2. L

    QuickSync HEVC not showing up in simple view

    My intel laptop (UHD graphics) has both QuickSync H.264 and HEVC encoders in hardware. When viewing the output section in settings using advanced mode both hardware encoders show up, but when I switch over to simple mode only the H.264 hardware encoder shows up. Why? I really like the...
  3. D

    Compression ratio of H264 versus H265

    I had some problems recording a video in H265. That got solved, it had something to do with my work laptop. Now I'm trying this out on my private laptop and I can even see HEVC in the simple output options. First of all I was puzzled by the fact that when I select HEVC in simple output setting...
  4. Reguna

    Do Intel Arc GPUs have a good H264 hardware encoder? Is it good for streaming with OBS?

    Hi, I want to buy a dedicated GPU for non-gaming purpose. The most demanding job for this GPU will probably be streaming. I know that Intel Arc GPU has AV1 hardware encoder, and the fact that both Twitch and Youtube do not support AV1 (I think we need to wait for 1-2 years before they officially...
  5. Tuna

    VAAPI Encoder 0.4.1

    GStreamer based VAAPI encoder implementation. Taken out of the GStreamer OBS plugin as a standalone plugin. Simply because the FFMPEG VAAPI implementation shows performance bottlenecks on some AMD hardware.
  6. E

    Should I use x264 or H264/5

    I'm wondering if I should use x264 or H264 (AMD Advanced Media Framework). Also what settings should I use for what encoder? My Specs: AMD Ryzen 5 3600X 6-Core Processor GPU: Radeon RX 580 Series
  7. Lahdo

    H264 or x264?

    Hey dear, Open Broadcasting Software forum! Today I changed to H264/AVC Encoder (AMD Advanced Media Framework) which was before on "veryfast" x264.. I also did experiments on medium up to ultrafast (ultrafast is too extremely pixelated, and medium is not pixelated, and in realities like "The...
  8. C

    AMD GPU Hardware Encoder 0.1.0

    OBS ships with an existing AMD GPU encoder which is sadly outdated and unmaintained. This plugin is a rewrite of the original fixing several bugs in the process. As an additional feature it supports texture based encoding which makes GPU encoding even less CPU intensive. In it's current state...
  9. _deak

    Obs studio crashes when I try to record with h264

    Hello, can anybody tell me why can't I make OBS work with h264 encodig? OBS shows an alert telling that it couldn't start the outuput. That if I am using NVENC orAMD, I shuolud make sure that my drivers are up do date, and they are. Im not interested in recording with X264, I need to use h264...
  10. J

    h265/HEVC encoder corrupting?

    whenever i record a video with the h265/HEVC encoder its perfect, no encoding overload, no fps drops. then i go and look at it, it wont open. ive tried putting it in vegas and its just the video that messed up. the h264/AVC encoder works, but horrible, always encoding overload. help any1? :p...
  11. LIMPIX31

    AMD (radeon) encoder missing

    Russian language ========================== Я использую две видеокарты AMD (ATI) radeon hd 5830. Bandicam замечательно кодирует изображение через видеокарту, а вот OBS не хочет. Я просто не вижу кодировщик AMD в списке, только x264. Вот что я сделал чтобы попробовать исправить это: 1. Обновил...
  12. C

    Mac Hardware Encoder Doesn’t Respect Bitrate Limit

    Hi, I’m on the latest build and I’m having trouble getting consistent nitrates using the Mac Hardware Encoder. I’ve limited the bitrate to 2800kbps, but it’s still regularly spiking to over 6000kbps. I know this particular encoder has been troublesome in the past, but I need to use it on an...
  13. kajtielplu

    No H264 option in OBS

    My Logitech C920 (serial number: 8E6EF41F) is set to YUYV 4:2:2 by default. With YUYV, I am unable to use HD video dimensions and also have an FPS higher than 10. Using the following command, I can set it to use H264. v4l2-ctl -d 1 --set-fmt-video=pixelformat=H264 However, when I open OBS, the...
  14. T

    Question / Help Starting Output Failed, NVENC, Driver up to date

    I have the Ryzen 1700 3.7GHz | 2070Super | 32 GB RAM I am not able to record or stream using the Nvenc encoder setting, It gives the message, Output failed and check if your drivers are up to date. I have also tried reinstalling the drivers, that also did not help. Since this problem occurred...
  15. Fujita21

    Question / Help Unable to change video adapter (encoding video card) In Streamlabs OBS - AMD H264 Encoder

    I have two video cards installed in my system, an R9 Fury and an Rx 560, and would like to use the Rx 560 for encoding. Choosing the AMD H264 encoder, an option appears to choose the Video Adapter. In the standard OBS Studio, the drop-down includes both of my video cards and I am able to choose...
  16. mercenaryzxx

    Question / Help Streaming with AMD Encoder Blurry?

    Hello guys .... im currently streaming with a single pc . My stream stats are set to 0% errors ... my network bandwith is okay ... but my streams seems to be pixelated and some kind of blurry ... both for youtube & twitch . There are any special settings for the AMD Encoders? I tried everything...
  17. Xaymar

    FFmpeg Encoders for OBS Studio

    Xaymar submitted a new resource: FFmpeg Encoders for OBS Studio - Get all the power of FFmpeg without using a custom output! Read more about this resource...
  18. Xaymar

    FFmpeg Encoders for OBS Studio 0.4.0

    FFmpeg Encoders has been merged into StreamFX! All the encoders are now available by simply installing the latest version of StreamFX and removing the currently installed FFmpeg Encoders plugin. Ever wanted the power of the FFmpeg encoders, but without the bothersome UI of the Custom recording...
  19. A

    Question / Help Crashing When using H264/AVC (AMD Advanced Media Framework) Encoder

    hi there.. I am having a problem when using this codec or encoder...I don't want to use x264 since it makes the video choppy... So everytime i use this encoder and I press record it says the "woops, obs crashed" error and just crashes... is there any fix? Crash log: 15:30:07.213: CPU Name: AMD...
  20. N

    Question / Help H264 not showing up.

    Hello, i reinstalled windows yesterday and now my h264 encoder is not appearing in obs. I have an Rx 580, it was working all good before reinstalling windows :( My drivers are updated, i don't know what else i should install